Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Little Family Easter

 Last Wednesday evening, Z and I decided to go ahead and give Bear his Easter basket before we heading back to West Texas for the weekend. He wasn't too interested, but did take a quick liking to his rubber bunny ducky.
It was all fun and games......
...until Mom and Dad decided to put the glasses on.
Who said bunnies are happy all the time, anyway?
 We didn't do much, but it was special.
 I've said it 87 times and I'll say it again...every first holiday with a baby is bittersweet. While this was Bear's first Easter, it was also his last first Easter.
Even though that makes me tear up, I smile knowing he'll always be Mommy's Little (pouty lip) Bunny :). 


  1. those bunny ears are precious :)

  2. I can not get over that little pouty lip in the second sunglasses picture. So adorable and sad. And I LOVE the second picture, he looks like he is thinking, "What is she doing over there?" Hims so little and precious : )

  3. that little pouty lip is so precious! he looks adorable with the bunny ears and sunglasses :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  4. Omg! He is adorable. Look at the little pouty mouth!

    I'm glad you had a great Easter! It must be exciting doing all these "firsts" with Bear :)

  5. The crying pics are so hilarious. It's funny how they don't like anything on their face or head sometimes when they are that little. Happy first Bear's Easter!!

  6. ohmygosh, that sad little sunglass-ed bunny is too stinking CUTE!!! i love it...your photos are so pretty, brittany!! i love his ears!! my mom put the same ones in pink in piper's easter basket.
    i can already feel ya on the bittersweet-ness on first holidays! looks like it was a beautiful one for you and your family!


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