Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY (no sew) Bow Tie Pacifier Clip

We love pacifiers around these parts. We don't go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without a paci. Or four. When my thoughtful sister-in-law, Scarlett, gave us our first batch of BooginHead pacifier clips we fell head over heels; they are the perfect fix for any paci-dropping crisis.

We went to a wedding last month and as I was getting Bear ready, it hit me...there's gotta be a more dressed-up version of the pacifier clip. Something that could be worn to church, in family pictures, and on holidays that would look adorable and still do it's job: keep that paci from fallin'.

Priorities, people.
There's just something about a baby boy dressed like a little old man that's completely irresistable. When Bear's lookin' all Mr. Rogers-esque in his gray cardigan, I can't even handle it. Throw a bow tie in the mix and I'm worthless to the world. I just wanna snuggle this sweet, snazzy baby all day long.
Because of my old-man-meets-baby obsession (and because we really love bow ties around these parts), Zach came up with the idea to create a bow tie pacifier clip. It's practical, dresses up any outfit, and Bear rocks it like a champ.
 There are millions (trillions!) of bows, headbands, and other accessories out there for little girls. It's much harder to find cute attire for boys; luckily these can be made easily right at home! They would make great shower gifts, too.
To make your own....
You'll need:
-fabric (about 1 ft.x1 ft.)
-hot glue gun
-small, alligator hair clip (or bowtie clip)
-nylon cord (about 6 in.)
 Step 1: Cut a long, rectangular strip of fabric (measurements will depend on your desired bow tie size).

Step 2: Fold in both long-side edges about 1/4 inch and iron down (this keeps edges from fraying).

Your rectangle should look something like this after ironing.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of glue under each fold to secure.
 Step 4: Fold each short-edge in toward the center.

Step 5: Cross one end slightly over the other and glue into place.
Step 6: Cut a small fabric strip (about 1x3 in.).

Step 7: Iron outter edges in (same as longer rectangle piece).

Step 8: Glue "hems" into place.
Step 9: Using your thumb and index finger, pinch center of bow and apply a dab of glue to hold it together.
Step 10: Cut a 6 in. strand of nylon cord.
 Step 11: Wrap small fabric strip around bow. Glue clip to back and glue fabric onto inner clip.
 Step 12: (this is tricky to explain, but easy once you're doing it) Take cord and glue underneath small fabric strip. It should be on the bottom front of the bow, where the pacifier will hang down when worn.
 Step 13: Wrap other side of small fabric strip around bow and hot glue underneath the clip. Trim excess fabric.

Fluff out your new snazzy bow tie, attach a pacifier, and Baby is ready to hit the town!
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
 on Bear: cardi-The Children's Place, onesie-unknown, shorts-Baby Gap
 If you want just a bow tie, no pacifier attachment, simply leave off the cord. We have several handsome little nephews that are out of pacifier-age; I'm dying to put some chevron bow ties on them! Zach, too (though he doesn't know it yet...).
Thanks for sticking with this long-winded tutorial!
TGIF, friends!


  1. so cute!!! i love little bow ties! and i have that same fabric - i've used it for lots of things!

  2. you are so crafty! what a great idea.

    you have the perfect model for the bow tie! :)

  3. A little old man with a pacifier in his mouth. I am seriously dying over that adorable outfit. All he needs is a cigar instead of the pacifier-just joking! So cute.

  4. So cute! What an adorable idea :) new follower from FFF! Would love you to join our blog hop too at!

    Jamie & Kristen

  5. So glad to have you! Your baby boy is absolutely precious! What an awesome idea!!

    Happy to come in contact with another "boy mommy"!

    Excited to follow along! :)

  6. ahhh!! i love it! seriously, you could sell these on etsy! they'd be a hit!! bear looks so handsome in his cardigan...ohmygosh, brittany! he's a little stud. he really looks like zach in some of these photos! he is such a cutie...i want to eat his feet! :)
    i hope you, zach and bear have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! xoxox

  7. I love him in those little shorts. Little babies in old man clothes melt my heart too! Especially THIS little baby in old man clothes : ). Good job on the little bow ties, so cute! You should sell these!

  8. That is such a good idea!!! Sadly my son doesn't take a pacifier (despite trying to force it for the last few months) but if he did I would be making these pronto! So creative! & Bear remains one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

  9. Ooooh I just want to KISS him! He gets cuter and cuter each day!!

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