Friday, June 21, 2013

A Little Advice For New Mommies

Rarely ever do I get "serious" on this blog. Things tend to stay light, carefree, and laid-back. Though I very much enjoy writing, pictures rule our blog because we feel they tell more of a story, a recap, than any words possibly could.

However, tonight I want to give a teeny tiny bit of advice to new mommies. Something I wish someone would have told me pre-Bear:
Sit back, enjoy the ride, and don't let anyone else's experiences dictate your own.

I'm also writing this as a reminder to myself to stay in the moment and trust God's caring of my son.
It has honestly taken me seven months to realize, believe, and practice this mantra. I spent weeks, months really, wrongfully trying to keep up with every other mother's agenda. I'd read blog after blog, story after story of just how many times a day one's baby should be nursing. I timed feedings for months. I freaked out if Bear didn't nurse for longer than eight minutes because so-and-so's baby breastfed for ten minutes on EACH SIDE! Something must be tragically wrong with my son's eating even though he continues to be in the 90th percentile for height and weight. I was a crazy person, constantly comparing our routine with others' and fighting to keep up with how our lives "should" be lived.

Y'all, that's exhausting.

And this doesn't just apply to having a baby; it's a struggle that undoubtedly we all face in different aspects of life, especially stressful ones where we feel the need to cling to normalcy.

But what is normal anyway?

For Bear, it's eating every three to four hours. Sometimes for three minutes, sometimes for thirty-three minutes. Doesn't matter. He's happy. He's healthy. And life goes on, even if Billy Sue's baby girl does eat for forty-two and a half minutes........on each side.

And because a post wouldn't be legit without a picture...

This water baby rocks a Speedo like nobody's business. He also cries and begs for ice cream. He may look like Daddy, but he's got Momma's sweet tooth.

Happy weekend, friends :). Keep on keepin' on.


  1. Aw, so glad you have that figured out! I must say though as my kids get older that feeling that I am doing something wrong because so & so's doing it another way still comes around once in a while.

    We are human :) Now let's go enjoy our kids :)

  2. Love it! And thank you so much for this post. I'm not a mama yet, but I already have people saying, "Well when you ARE pregnant, yada yada yada... You will want to yada yada yada once the baby comes." Oh my goodness, let me figure it out on my own! And EVERYONE is different! Thank you for keepin' it real, lady! And loveee that sweet boy's chunks! Have a good weekend!

  3. I think it's hard to not let other people's experience dictate our own when so many people offer advice! Between my mom and MIL's advise about food, sleep, socialization, etc I feel like I am going to go crazy sometimes!! But you are 100% right... whats normal and suggested for one party, is not the same for another. I think we should all rest easier knowing that!


  4. i loved this!! it really is so hard to not question yourself every now and then. i love that you trust your instincts and go with what works for you and bear. you're doing an AMAZING job and like i always say...bear is one lucky little mister!! in the beginning, i wrote every little detail down with feedings and naps. it didn't take long to realize that piper has a mind of her own. i mean, she's a baby, of course she does! ;) it's so much nicer to just go with the flow!
    bear cries for ice cream - that's awesome! he's my typa guy!!! :)

  5. This was great! It took having baby #2 to get this through my head. I was so worried that I wasn't doing it right with the first baby. And really, he was doing wonderfully! Now, I'm way more laid back and I know that what I do for my baby is exactly the best for him. And I just chill. :)

  6. I definitely appreciate the advice, and you are right that it applies to other things too. Thanks for keeping it real!


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