Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two Very Special Fathers

Happy 30th Father's Day to the man that taught & raised my brothers & me on the fairways and greens of life. Most importantly, he has always opened our eyes to God's wonder through natural beauty and nature. We love you, Pops!
Happy 1st Father's Day to the man who has given our family immeasurable amounts of love, leadership, and laughs over the last seven months. I always knew you'd be an amazing father, but seeing it every day has made me realize just how blessed we truly are. Bear loves you, Daddy!

Hope all you Daddies are having a very special day today!


  1. Such a sweet post! :)

    Happy Father's Day to your dad and Zach!

  2. How sweet! Happy Father's Day to your dad and Zach: love that picture of the two of them with Bear's gray cardigan. Adorable!

  3. Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Father's Day to your father and to Zach!! I LOVE the photo of you, your brothers and dad!! Wherever you were, looks beautiful! And I love your expression and pose!! :)
    The collage of Zach and Bear is too cute - they have such a sweet relationship - you can just tell! I love that photo at the bottom - Zach in the red and Bear in the stripes...ahhh, too stinking cute!!


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