Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anniversary Gifts

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your kind words and anniversary wishes. You guys are the best! Seriously, thank you.
It was a pretty laid back and chill evening, just like we like it. Zach brought home beautiful flowers (should've snapped a picture!) and my gift comes in tomorrow:
This hammock that I'm dying to curl up and read a good book in!
We stick with the traditional anniversary gifts, and the two year gift is supposed to contain "cotton" (the hammock is made of cotton...for the record :) ). Zach grew up on a farm and his family grows cotton. Fifteen months ago Zach planted some seeds in a barrel to have a piece of the farm in our backyard.
Yesterday, as if by fate, the very first cotton boll opened. This is also the picture Bear and I framed for him and it's now sitting on his office desk:
 Our sweet little Bear Boll.
The picture of Z and I is one of our engagement pictures; we were sitting in a cotton field on his family's farm.

Do you do the traditional anniversary gifts, or something more unique? Would love to hear how you celebrate!


  1. I love that hammock! I've been wanting one for a while. :)

    Happy late Anniversary!

  2. Love this!!! I wish we did traditional gifts, we usually take a trip together. I didn't even realize there were "traditional" gifts until welllll past year two, possibly year three! Oh well, we can always start with year five (we just celebrated four years)!

  3. Love the idea of traditional gifts!! Great idea you came up with for Zach!

  4. Such sweet gifts! We've never done any anniversary gifts really. I do like the idea of doing the traditional ones. What a cute picture.

  5. We've only had one anniversary, but we did traditional (paper) and had a ton of fun. My husband put me to shame by scrapbooking our wedding since... ahem... I hadn't gotten around to it the entire year. I made him a handmade coupon book of dates, one for each month, to carry us through our second year. We will definitely keep doing it and this post gives me some ideas!

  6. I love that picture! You have the greatest ideas :)

  7. Wow! Such fantastic gifts and so unique and thoughtful! I completely need tips from the both of you.

    We tried doing it out first year (the traditional gifts) but we just stopped. Maybe this year I'll try to get us to do something. We started putting the cap of the gift at $10. Maybe we can do that and still stay on the theme. We shall see :)

  8. I LOVE THAT HAMMOCK!!! ahhh, that looks like the most relaxing thing ever! and i love the colors of it. what an amazing gift. i bet you'll love hanging with bear in it, too! :)
    that photo of bear...i could explode!!!
    so happy you had a beautiful anniversary. <3
    zach is one lucky man!


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