Monday, June 3, 2013


I've been pretty terrible about keeping the blog up to date with pictures lately. I'll blame it on our busy schedule, a busy little crawling Bear, and all the fun we've been having :). Excuse enough, right? Hope you'll forgive me. (follow me on instagram @brittfullwood for more current happenings!)

A few snapsnots from the last three weeks...
Bear and Willow, Zach's Mom's pet deer, in our backyard (RIP Willow)
evening strolls around the neighborhood are our favorite
chubby thighs turn leg warmers into calf warmers...
brownie sunday heaven

bookworm baby

4th of July wreath that sold to the sweetest lady...her husband was deployed to Afghanistan & she's going to put his pin on the wreath. Makes me want to make more patriotic things!
year-round Christmas music ...Bear will love Christmas
absolute best Starbucks frap yet, mocha cookie crumble
Bear rarely naps, so I was shocked when I turned for 30 seconds and looked back to find him passed out in his door-bouncer. Poor sleepy baby!

We didn't get around to baby-proofing this weekend, but Zach did get around to making this gorgeous pine bowl. You should've seen the huge chunk of log he started with...truly a miraculous transformation! Will be up in the shop, hopefully with some other "logs", soon.

 Hope your weekend was amazing! Yay for June and sunshiney weather!


  1. That wreath is absolutely adorable! You should definitely make more patriotic stuff! Love it!

  2. Oh boy! It's real exhausting to be a cute baby. Love that pic of him falling asleep. :)

  3. Haven't visited lately..just too busy substituting and with our Artisan Shoppe. I was so surprised to see how Bear has changed. What a handsome boy! I'll bet he is getting heavy to carry so it is good that he is mobile... Your wreath is beautiful and Zach's bowl is too perfect. What an accomplishment!!! That truly is a talent. Nice visiting you.
    My last DT was just disolved but I was asked to join another. I should be up and posting in a few weeks. We use Bugaboo Stamps and chalk...nice challenge for me. Have a wonderful summer.

  4. i'm LOVING that wreath !!

    and Bear ... i just want to squeeze him ... those thighs!

    i'm completely craving a brownie sundae now

    AND how in the world did I NOT know you had an Instagram. NOT OK. fixing that now!

  5. I love love the wreath its so cute!!!! Im all about the RED WHITE and BLUE!!!!

  6. I WANT A PET DEER! I think they are THE cuuutest little things! You little boy is such a cutie!! That wreath is so sweet. I have been wanting to try that Mocha Cookie Crumble!! It sounds so good!

  7. ohmyheavens, willow is so precious...that photo is so precious!! a bear and a baby dear - amazing!! poor, sweet willow.
    the wreath you made is gorgeous!! you are so creative, Brittany!! I love all the new pieces you're adding to your shop - LOVE THEM!
    I also love that you listen to Christmas music all year! I do too! :)
    the pine bowl that Zach made is gorgeous. bear has himself two very talented parents!!


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