Monday, June 24, 2013

Lately (part one)

You know you're getting behind on blogging when your "Lately" posts are running very, well, late. I promise all of these were taken in the last two weeks, so I'm not that behind.

I have a decent excuse...I've been chasing this little Bear-crawler around like crazy (and making lots of trips to the post office, thanks to Logs 'n Lace!)

"Look what I did, Momma! Wanna read?"

Bear loves Uncle Too

Z's innovative "tire table"

Bear is scarfing baby food like a champ. Often he'll eat three containers in one sitting and still be begging for more. Mommas out there- is this normal at 7 months?? Sometimes he will go through 6-7 of these a day....and he's still nursing 5-6 times a day. Feels like all I do is feed this chubby baby!

First big boo-boo happened last week when Bear bumped his head on our office desk :(. We survived but it was rough for a little bit!

Found this adorable suit at Baby Gap...

I'd say it's fitting for our little DJ.

Saturday morning shop delivery! Love giftwrapping for sweet customers!

Saturday evening we made a Goodwill run...I turned my back for thirty seconds and looked back to find these two just like this. Two peas in a pod. And one Bear in a chair.
Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!!


  1. I love following you on Instagram and keeping up with all your fun! That outfit from the Gap is precious and all of your Logs 'n Lace creations are darling! Can't wait until I can order baby gear (if and when I get pregnant: not right now!)

  2. I still remember my nephews first big boo boo! It's the first of many for rambunctious little boys. Enjoy his good appetite. My sister has to beg my nephew to eat. He fits perfectly in that little chair!

  3. First of all, I miss you and want to talk soon! I love that last picture, Bear looks precious sitting up in that little chair. He is getting so big! I'm glad you survived his first boo boo, I know it probably broke your heart!

  4. i've missed blogging and am enjoying catching up!! bear is cuter than ever - love his smiles! that photo of him with all the books is adorable - makes me think about piper in a few months and all that she'll be discovering! i'm so sorry bear bumped his head...i'm sure it was scary for the both of you! so glad he's okay!!
    i'm so happy for you, brittany - logs n lace is doing great!! piper wore the blue headband the other day and got SO many compliments!! i might be stealing it from here here and there. :)
    i hope your week is off to a wonderful start! i can't believe we're coming up on july!!!
    sending tons of love and wishing you a sweet day! xoxox


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