Monday, January 6, 2014

Fullwood Family Pictures

Over Thanksgiving break, we surprised Zach's parents with a family photo session. The sweet Lindsey Cotton of Cotton Photography in Abilene took our pictures (in freeeezing cold weather) and Zach's parents, especially his Mom, really loved the gift. We gave them a big canvas for Christmas of the last picture posted below.
Zach has two brothers, who have 5 boys between the both of them, so there are 6 little boys (no girls!) 5 and under running around when we all get together. Pure chaos is putting it lightly :). But we always have fun! Zach's sister, Katy, is in the chevron shirt and the other two young ladies are Zach's brother's wives. I'm blessed with an amazing family. This was such a fun day!
Hope you had a great weekend! We're flipping back and forth between The Bachelor and the National Championship tonight....think Z secretly likes The Bachelor better :).

G'night friends!


  1. I just finished the Bachelor and I have to say I'm not so impressed with the girls yet. Hopefully it will change. Trying to catch this here blog of mine up before I head out of town again on Friday.
    Absolutely Beautiful pictures. I bet yall have the best of time when you all get together!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! And Bear's outfit is adorable!!

  3. Presh!!! Such a sweet family. It's funny how that works....on Cameron's side we have 6 girls under 5, no boys haha.

  4. Such a sweet family, sorry for my inglese.

    Siete meravigliosi, saluti e buon anno da milano.

  5. THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! and such a wonderful gift!! photos are the sweetest gift!! i love the red door!! and i love all the personality shining through each photo. The one with all the grandkids...ohmygoodness - PRECIOUS!!
    how blessed you all are to have each other!!
    and bear...that sweater...those toms...i want to pick him up and hug him so does piper, though i don't know if she'd be strong enough to lift him yet! ;)
    beautiful, brittany! xoxoxox


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