Monday, January 20, 2014


We had such an amazing weekend; one of those weekends that's the perfect mix of "go go go" and chill chill chill. I go a bit crazy when it's too busy or too lazy, so the past few days were the best mix. My parents came down to see Bear and we visited the Houston Zoo; the weather was glorious and we had a blast! Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad. Love y'all!

Our weekend consisted of...

Going to The Woodlands Children's Museum on Friday.
Bear likes to steal the trains from the big kids' train table and run off with them.

A 78 year old woman asking where I got my sunglasses.
Imagine the look of surprise when I told her "Forever 21!".

Two trips to Target.
Mostly because the Cadbury eggs are already out! ALL TIME FAVORITE.

Creepy bathtime.
Zach is obsessed with Bear's bath crayons. I question the things he writes sometimes...
A trip to the zoo with Grandma Candy & Pops!
Lots of fun was had by all.
A Sunday Smashburger outing.
Complete with sweet potato fries and a Nutter Butter milkshake (both of which Bear loved).

Hope your weekend was a great one! The weather has been absolutely perfect here and we're hoping this sticks around for a few more weeks. It's so nice to get out and breathe some fresh air without having to be all bundled up.

Happy MLK Day, too!
My heart has been extra heavy on the topic all day today; Martin Luther King Jr. was such an amazing and influential man. I'm honored to call him a fellow American and so proud that a person of such profound peace, a true trailblazer in the search for equality, could come from this nation. We have much to learn from the legacy he left behind.

Wishing you lots of love today and always. Let's spread it, y'all.


  1. OMG that says Redrum!!! LOL!!! It's funny creepy! :) YAY Cadbury eggs! My favorite too!

  2. I love those sunglasses! I've been lucky with sunglasses from F21 too ... but you know how much I love that store, haha.

    Love your outfit too!

    The collage of Bear and Zach is so cute! You can see just how much he adores his dad :)

    Happy MLK day!!!

  3. Glad you got that nice mix of busy and relaxing that is perfect for you. I didn't even know bath crayons existed. I think I might have a lot of fun with those too.

  4. I can't stop staring at that picture of are so gorgeous! And of course, I love the sunnies! I'm so glad y'all had a great weekend, a trip to the zoo AND Smashburger? Sounds perfect. I need to try that Nutter Butter milkshake, that sounds like something I would love. I'm still laughing at what Z wrote in the bathtub, I love it!

  5. i LOL at your bathtub caption!!! i love bath crayons!!! we don't use them with pips yet, but i can't wait to! your demin jacket is awesome!! and so are cadbury eggs!! AND target!
    i love the family photo of you all at the zoo, and the one of your parents and bear!!
    love the weekends...only four more days! ;)


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