Friday, January 17, 2014

What Did Bear Wear? (Round 2)

Thank you for all of the sweet emails and comments after Bear's last "fashion" post ;). We really do have so much fun getting dressed every morning and I love sharing Bear's OOTD's with you all!

I apologize if you follow us on insta because you've already seen all of these; I'm making it a priority to start busting out the actual camera more often like we did when Bear was little. Since getting an iPhone in July (I'm way behind, I know!), it's been so much easier to just snap phone pics. Lazy momma! But shameless mommarazzi nonetheless.
Here are some of Bear's favorite outfits from this week!
beanie/robot sweater: Baby Gap, pants: JCPenney, shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren via Home Goods
shirt: Joe Fresh for JCPenney, cords: Baby Gap, bow tie: Janie & Jack, moccs: Deerie Handmade on Etsy
shirt (onesie, actually): Baby Gap, beanie: gift- unknown (thanks, Mom!), pants: JCPenney, shoes: Baby Gap

shirt/pants/beanie: Baby Gap, paci clip: Mud Pie, moccs: Deerie Handmade via Etsy

shirt: Macy's (gift), bow tie: Target (gift), pants: Target, fox socks/shoes: Baby Gap, hat: Janie & Jack

You may have noticed by now that Bear has a slight obsession with toothbrushes. We have to take at least one wherever we go; he'll carry the same toothbrush around for several hours without ever putting it down. When I brush my teeth in the morning, he pulls on my pant leg and beeeegs for the toothbrush. It's so funny! He has no interest in actually brushing his teeth, he just likes to hold the brush. When he becomes a dentist one day, we'll have lots of pictures to document that he "started out young". :) Here's hoping...I've got lots of cavities.
Hope you have the BEST weekend!


  1. Aw!! I have to say, my oldest when he was about Bear's age carried around his "favorite orange shovel". It was a little beach shovel. The thing is though, he would NOT dig with it! It was just for him to hold on to & show people. When he actually wanted to dig he would go find another shovel :) Wonderful memories :)

  2. He is always dressed SO perfectly! Such a dapper little guy ;) And you are the BEST mom!!

  3. You dress him so well, I love it! I think it would be so much fun to dress a little boy because it takes a lot more creativity in my opinion to make a standout outfit.

  4. LOVE his outfits and him! I really hope he does become a dentist, then he can have one of his baby pictures framed and put in his office of him holding a toothbrush. How cute would that be?

  5. Oh my goodness, what a well dressed little guy!! That outfit with the anchor beanie is my favorite. Cute little thing!

  6. Good for him wanting to brush his teeth! And oh my goodness is your little guy cute. He has some seriously awesome shoes!!!

  7. Oh my gosh!! Such a cutie! And I LOVE all the outfits! That robot sweater slays me!

  8. Your little guy is SO HANDSOME!! I love his chambray, bow ties, moccs, camo and hats. He is one stylish guy. Looking forward to following along to keep up with your blog and seeing your baby styling!

  9. STUD!! i LOVE that joe fresh shirt and all the colors in it!! it's so neat!
    and all of his hats are amazing! he is gonna have all the babes knockin' your door down! :)
    i love his little expression in the last photo...he's got such a sweet smirk! oh, it would be TOO CUTE to see bear and piper together!!
    love bear's/your style!!! xoxoxox

  10. he is the best dressed little guy out there! i LOVE his bowties and love seeing all his cute outfits on instagram too! thanks for linking up! i hope you do again next week!


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