Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Mantra

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Baby Gap
Moccasins: Deerie Handmade
Toothbrush: Not sure :)

I don't really make New Year's resolutions because, honestly, I forget about them around February 1st. Little things like "eat more fruit" and "clean the windows every week" just fly out the window (pun intended) after awhile. The one resolution I'm going to try sticking to is making healthier meals for our family. The more table food Bear eats, the more important this becomes. Zach and I don't have the best eating habits (we hate 95% of veggies!), so this will be tricky but we're willing to push the limits for our sweet, growing Bear.
Other than that goal, which will hopefully be maintained past February 1st, we are stepping into 2014 with one main word in mind:
Not talking about all those wonderful veggies we'll be devouring. I'm talking about the moments, the memories. 2013 was full of precious, fleeting times that I look back on and think, "Why didn't I enjoy that more?" or "Why didn't I put down my cell phone and play with Bear?". It's not that Zach and I weren't present or in the moment, because we were. But I think Bear really notices a difference when we're engaging and are truly focused on the activity at hand and, most importantly, him.

This year, we are going to savor. Every new word spoken, every new game played, every giggle shared, and every morning snuggle will be treasured and embraced. There will be lots of applause, hugs, and cell phones never leaving the pocket. It's okay if every memory isn't documented via Instagram because they'll be documented in our minds and hearts, the places that really matter.

We're going to live it up this year and make every moment count. It's okay, though, if we spend all day Sunday in our jammies. Or forget to wash the windows (for a really, really long time...). As long as our little family is together, 2014 is going to be the best year yet.


  1. I absolutely love this, enjoy and really live the moment because well as you know it passes all to quickly!!! I have so much to still update from our trip and my New Year New Me post!!! Enjoy that sweet boy of yours because he's just getting bigger and cuter!!!

  2. I love this and I think it is such a great idea to remind yourself daily to really savor each moment. They go by too fast! And as far as eating more veggies...ain't nobody got time for that! : )

  3. I Love that word!! It is so fitting in so many ways. Life goes so fast and we need to be present and enjoy it.

  4. Love this! I'm still trying to come up with a word for the year, I love yours!!! I'm
    Totally with you on the cell phone thing, I'm def trying to put it away more, because I truly enjoy my time with them just as much as they do me!

  5. happy new year!! :)
    i never make resolutions either. i love the word you are so so right...time is so fleeting. i think about it all the time...when i see tiny, newborn babies, part of me is like, "Woahh, Piper was that size nine months ago?!" i can't wait to see what 2014 holds for you and your sweet family!! i bet it will be the best one yet!! <3<3<3


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