Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Did Bear Wear? #3

Today was a "snow" day in Houston...aka there was a little bit of ice and the roads were completely dry but then entire city shut down anyway. Which meant, luckily for us, that Daddy got to work from home! We had such a fun day sneaking in on Z in the office and actually going to lunch with him on a week day. 

The rest of the week is supposed to warm up which we're excited about, especially because we have a big Valentine photo shoot planned with friends on Thursday. :)

Here are a few of Bear's looks from the past week and a half!

jacket: Levis (thrifted), leggings: Joe Fresh for JC Penney, shoes: Nike outlet, shirt: Dazy Fashion on Etsy

shirt: Osh Kosh (gift from our sweet friends Maria and Piper!), bow tie: Logs 'n Lace, pants: JC Penney, shoes: TOMS

and the look sans-jacket...

pants/shirt: Old Navy, bow tie: Logs 'n Lace

hat: Janie & Jack, shirt: Macy's (gift from our dear friend Elissa!), bow tie: Logs 'n Lace, moccs: Deerie Handmade on Etsy

hat: Janie & Jack, shirt: The Children's Place, bow tie/pants/shoes: Baby Gap

We hope you're having a wonderful week! 
Can you believe it's almost February? January has flown by!


  1. We had a snow day here in SC as well, although it didn't start snowing till just now about 10pm and it called for it at 11am this morning. Hope you and Baby Bear enjoy your day with daddy home and lunch to!!! I can't believe that its almost Feb. time needs to slow down please.

  2. Britt I am dying to get little man some bow-ties, can I find them in your Etsy store?

  3. Oh my gosh! I am just dying here too. He is so cute and his wardrobe is adorable. You should get him into baby modeling!! I have a request. I would love to see a mama son what I wore duo post!! : )

  4. Most stylish boy ever! You make dressing up a boy so much fun! I love that you look outside the box.

    And I'm with Cece! Get on it ;)


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