Friday, May 30, 2014


We have been so busy the last few weeks; I've hardly sat down, let alone take much time to blog. It feels good to be back! :)
Here's a look at our last week in pictures...
Bear's favorite spot post-nap is snuggled up in our bed, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Our good friends Elissa & Jose came to visit last weekend and we had so much fun! We spent Monday morning grabbing brunch and shopping in Market Street, one of our favorite local spots.

note: funny little photo-bomber, bottom left

Bear's a proud member of the Freddy's Cool Kids Club. Shirt was $4.99, and he gets a free custard every time he wears it to Freddy's. We've already way more than gotten our money's worth. :)

The sunsets have been gorgeous the past week. We've had some rainy weather, making the clouds amazing.
silly playground Bear

These two LOVE Lowe's. Me, not so much. I love to watch them loving it, though.

No shoes, no shorts, no problem!
We'll be spending this weekend by the pool, in the backyard, and getting ready for my family to come visit next week. This time of year is so much fun!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like your last few weeks have been busy but good. I'm so not a fan of Lowe's or Home Depot. They usually end up getting a lot of money from us and half the time it's not really for "fun" stuff, just necessary stuff. Have a good weekend!!!

  2. Looks like ya'll been enjoying your selves over the last week or so!!! YaY for Summer!!

  3. Can't believe how charming "Little Bear" has become. We all know that he was a beautiful baby but he is just so precious. Sounds like you are having a great time in Texas. I know I have been MIA but am trying to return to blogging and my card making. I am letting our Artisan shoppe slide...time for others to spend soooooo much time if they really want it to succeed. I found myself making items just to have a sale rather than doing the crafts that I love! I guess it is time to reevaluate my goals. I also have been substituting way to many days but school will be over on June 26th. I am doing my last day on the 16th. It was 94 in the classroom today...much too hot for me and the little ones! Just think they have almost a month to go..... Barbara

  4. so glad I found your blog! seriously, you have a beautiful family :) so excited to be following along!


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