Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rub a Dub Dub

It rained all night last night, which was perfect sleeping weather. Bear must've felt the same because he slept from 9:30pm-10:40am. Talk about a happy Mommy!
We woke up to find several large puddles on our driveway that Bear immediately went for and splashed in. He was quickly stripped down to his muddy diaper, and later brought in for an afternoon bath. All of which he thoroughly enjoyed.
These are the moments I never want to forget. I want to remember every minute of these seemingly routine afternoons that are filled with so much joy from our little boy.

So thankful for the rain and my time with this sweet (rascally) Bear.
Thankful for each of you, too!


  1. That last picture! Can't get enough of his cuteness!

  2. Can we talk about how much I love your bath tub? The baby in it is pretty cute too!!

  3. He's like a little man in a toddlers body, he looks so grown up and so darn cute!!!!

  4. hello to u little man, u are so sweet.
    he 's perfect bittney.


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