Thursday, September 25, 2014

Family Pictures

A couple weeks ago, we were back home in West Texas and decided to have pictures done with the talented Shelbi Williams Photography. Such a great decision! Shelbi is the absolute sweetest person to work with and we had so much fun trying to wrestle Bear into taking pictures for an hour and a half :). No sarcasm there, it really was fun! We took the pictures at Zach's parents' house (they live on a farm), so his Mom and Dad helped get Bear to smile from behind the camera. Grandparents are life-savers, I'm tellin' ya!
Here are some, okay lots, of our favorites!

Be still my heart.

Zach's parents' dog, Buster, and Bear had a great time together during the shoot. Buster even made it into some of our family photos! :)

Bear's second birthday is two months away, so we went ahead and took some pictures for his invitation. The theme is "Bear's Country Fair", so the family barn worked nicely as a backdrop!
Thank you so much, Shelbi, for capturing these moments with our little family! We'll treasure them forever.
On another note, today has been one of those days. I decided on a whim to attempt some mild-potty training, which resulted in poop all over the house and a distraught Bear (and Momma). He's now in the bathtub with Daddy...and I'm thinking a bubble bath and a good novel are in store for Mommy later, too. You know those days when you're ready for bed-time at 4pm? Yeah, it's one of those.

Here's to tomorrow being Friday, and putting potty-training off for a few more months. :)
Happy almost-weekend!


  1. These pictures are beyond beautiful! The light in these, just gorgeous!

    And those days ... I have to tell me that we have to get those days once in a while to appreciate the really good ones. I hope you get that bubble bath and some reading time :)

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! Bear is a beautiful little boy!
    On potty training: I thought Barrett was ready months ago. He was so excited when I showed him his new potty, but then he stood on top of it and peed all over the floor. Fail. Boys usually potty train at later ages, so hang in there!

  3. These pictures are amazing! Every single one of them. I love how sharp and clear the images are and you all look great. Hope the next potty training attempt goes better.

  4. These pictures are so perfect! Such pretty colors and people in them! Bear's birthday party sounds like it will be a blast! Sorry you were having one of those days, hoping you got in your bath and book time!

  5. The pictures are absolutely stunning, you have the cutest little family!!! So excited to see Bears birthday bash come together, look's like its going to be a fabulous a-fair.

  6. every single one of these are gorgeous!! bear's sweet smile! your happiness!!! and his outfits - i can't take it!
    the lighting is so pretty in neat you took them on zach's parents' farm - i bet they love them!
    you have one BEAUTIFUL family, my beautiful friend!


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