Monday, September 8, 2014

Trip Home (part 1)

Last Tuesday, Bear and I made the 7 hour trek to my hometown of Sweetwater to see family and celebrate Bear's cousin's birthday. We had so much fun! Zach came in Friday which made the trip even sweeter. Bear was in heaven visiting his grandparents and cousins!
I think his grandparents are a little crazy about him, too.

Olaf makes a good pillow.

And Pop's shoulders make the perfect seat.

A little evening golf. Bear's a pretty good putter!

DQ with Aunt Katy

sweet Bears

Lots of hugs when Daddy arrived!
I'll be back tomorrow with a few more pictures; it was so much fun but it's also nice to be back home after a week away. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. your pictures always make me smile!! the happiness your parents feel is shining through in these photos! how blessed they are to have bear in their lives (and how blessed he is to have them)!
    i love the photo of the two bears! :)
    and bear's style - seriously, i can't take it! i can't wait to see his fall and winter pictures! fall and winter clothes are my favorite!
    i'm so glad you had a sweet visit! welcome home! hope you two are having a happy tuesday! xoxox

  2. I'm pretty sure his grandparents may love him just a little bit! ; ) He is so lucky to have such a wonderful family full of love! That is exactly how a little boy should be raised. Glad y'all had a great trip home and lots of family time! I can't wait to see your pictures!!

  3. He's so cute with his Olaf, he seems to be his new best friend!!!! Its so great to see how close you are with your family, makes me miss mine so so much!!!

  4. The golf club is taller then Bear!!! Love all of your dresses. Glad you had a nice visit.


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