Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trip Home (part 2)

When I say "trip home", it probably sounds confusing to those of you that don't know Zach & I personally. A little background: We're both from small towns in West Texas, about 10 miles apart. We were born and raised there so to us, Sweetwater and Roscoe will always be "home". Most of our family still lives there which makes trips back even more fun!
The weather was surprisingly really cool over the weekend, so we got to pull out our fall clothes and it was wonderful. Now that we're back in the brutal Houston humidity, we're really missing those temps!
Bear and Olaf say Hi.

I finally got to try Terry's Ice Cream and it did not disappoint! We got the Caramel Crunch and Coffee flavors and they were both delicious.

Sunday evening we had family pictures taken (that I can't wait to share!) and Bear had a blast running wild around the farm.

Cool mornings were spent on the patio, mentally "pinning" pumpkin recipes for fall.

Bear spent his first library story time in the exact spot I used to go 25 years ago. The room still looks exactly the same! And he (and Olaf) of course loved it.
A big thank you to all of our family for making last week such a special visit for us. We love you all and can't wait to see you again very soon!


  1. Oh I cant wait to see your family picture!!! The sneak peeks look fabulous!!!!

  2. Has Olaf replaced the toothbrush? LOL. His outfits are so darn cute!!!

  3. I always refer to Sweetwater as "home" as well, because that's what it is! Sometimes G and I will be out doing something and I will say, "I'm ready to go home." And he will ask which "home" I'm talking about lol. Bear looks so precious in those little yellow pants! Is that Terry's place the one by the movie theater? If so, I saw that while we were home and wanted to try it SO bad. Between the dozen's of snow cones I had and eating out, I never got around to it. Glad y'all had a fun, memorable trip! Loooove you!

  4. My little girl knows good fashion!! She saw the pic of your boots & dress & absolutely LOVE them!! :)

  5. Brit is that the SWEETWATER library?! I haven't been there is Years! Glad you can take Bear there where I know you spent years as a kid! So Neat!


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