Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1 Month

Height: 21 3/4 inches (at 17 day appointment)
Weight: 11 lb. 3 oz.

Things to Remember:
-You've started loving to pull Mommy's hair anytime the opportunity presents itself.
-You fight your sleep like nobody's business, especially at bedtime. You can tell when you're drifting and kick those little frog legs like crazy.
-You still prefer sleeping on Daddy's chest but your Nap Nanny is your second favorite.
-You rarely ever cry so when you do, we know you're really upset and frustrated.
-You are becoming more alert every day; your big blue eyes are really taking things in. You've been giving Daddy the stare-down lately.
-We took our first walk yesterday (two of them actually) and you loved it. You relaxed and slept the entire time! I think you're used to walking; we did a lot of it together for nine months.
-You pass gas all.the.time. And loudly so. (it's pretty funny sometimes)
-You usually get the hiccups once, sometimes twice, a day and they last for about twenty minutes.
-We are so thankful you seem to know the difference between night and day. So far, you have slept from 12am-6am straight twice and just last night you slept from 11:30pm-5am without waking. Mommy and Daddy are so grateful! Keep up the good sleeping, Little Man.

With every passing day, I realize more and more just how lucky I am to be this little boy's Mommy. Last night I cradled Bear in my arms and told Zach, "I never knew I could love anything or anyone this much". It's an unexplainable, unmeasurable kind of love and I thank God every day for blessing us with our boy.

Happy Hump Day, friends! Hope you are enjoying every minute of this holiday season.


  1. Omgosh look at this little ham! He is so precious!!!!!!!! he is sleeping 5;30-6 hours already? lucky you. Ian still does 4hrs followed by 3 hrs... If I could get 6 hours I would be the most well rest mom on the planet. I don't even need 12hrs lol. It's also great that he isnt a crier )I have a fuss monster). He is absolutely adorable!

  2. what a cutie!! i just wanna squeeze his cute little face! gently of course...hahaha love these updates!i can't believe it's been a month!

  3. Happy 1-Month Old Baby Bear. You are going cuter & more handsome each day. I love these posts your mommy does. =)

    He is truly one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, Britt. =)

  4. Just love your posts!! This little guy is adorable! I can't believe it's been a month! My friend has a little 3 month old & I have been enjoying the baby fix with him. Enjoy your new life mommy!!

  5. Happy one month to sweet Bear!!! I can just imagine all of the emotions that have come over you since your little man arrived - I'm sure every day it just hits your more and more. I love his little football onesie - I bet he will be a quarterback one day - Bear Fullwood takes the field. :)
    I'm glad to hear he's sleeping so well and for long stretches of time...that's wonderful you and Zach can get some sleep!! And how nice you are going on walks...I always daydream about walking in the summer with our little girl. Baby toots are so funny and strong for coming out of such a tiny person! LOL! When my friend's son was just born he would be tooting away when I held him!! :)
    Hope you're having a sweet night with Zach and Bear!! Sending so much love your way, pretty mama!!

  6. I so enjoy your posts! Your little Bear is just the cutest boy. He seems so alert.can't believe it has been a month already. He will look back on your posts and just be in awe. You are lucky to be in a climate where you can walk with him. We have been fortunate so far this winter but "Suzie Snowflake" will be coming this week, with all her friends too. We may even get 11 inches!! Well, that means I will get to wear my new boots! (Have to look at the positive!) The cheesecake recipe sounds delicious. I need two different recipes for Christmas Eve and Day. I may have to consider this one:)

  7. Adorable! The football onesie is oh so cute! And I can't even believe it's already been a month. Have a wonderful Christmas season with your new baby love!


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