Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Card/Birth Announcement

 Hi, friends! TGIF, eh? Bear and I are looking so forward to a weekend with Daddy all to ourselves. My parents are coming down for a few days too; it's gonna be a great one.
With our Little One being born in late November, we decided to double our Christmas card as a birth announcement as well.
Here's how it turned out!

Enjoy this beautiful December weekend!


  1. tooo cute! love it. i can't get enough pics of bear! :) haha

  2. I LOVE the announcement!! Wonderful idea to double as a Christmas card. He's so sweet in that little bear hat - his smirk is adorable!! Have a fun weekend with your family and relax, beautiful mama!

  3. This so gorgeous and such a fabulous idea!

  4. Oh he is SO precious. You all look so happy.
    Merry Christmas to you all!!

  5. WOW they are so beautiful & precious. I wouldn't mind having one, either. He is a Beautiful Blessing and the photos you chosee of his Birth Announcement/Christmas Card are all great. =)

  6. Ohhh and by the way, I hadn't been to your blog in about a week or so I finally caught up with the last 7-8 posts or so. I have left you lots of comments along the way and would love for you to read them - just letting you know.

    Have a Fantastic New Week and HAPPY 1 MONTH BIRTHDAY to Baby Bear, tomorrow!! <3 Ada.


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