Friday, December 21, 2012

Our First Family Christmas

Last night was pretty magical. Zach came home early from work so we could enjoy the evening, our first Christmas celebration as a family of three. We're headed home to see family this weekend so we wanted to give Bear his own Christmas at our house with all the bells and whistles. You know, cookies and milk...notes to Santa...glistening lights...all the wonderful components that make up the recipe for childhood memories. Sure, he's too tiny to remember this Christmas. But we'll remember it. And we'll tell him all about it for years to come.
Plus, we have pictures....
Santa even decided to stop by!
Someone wasn't very happy with the contents of their stocking...
 Daddy's homemade (very homemade) card
Santa enjoyed his cookies...
 reindeer footed jammies=cutest thing ever
Happy Holidays, y'all!


  1. Oh you are the sweetest parents. This is such a memorable time!! How wonderful that you got a magical evening just the 3 of you. What a great tradition to start. Merry Christmas!

  2. Aw, priceless!! Merry Christmas Bear, Brittany & Zach!!! Love Pamela & gang :)

  3. oh my goodness...these pics are priceless--and so sweet! merry christmas!

  4. You guys are so stinking cute! I love the santa suite, and everything! How fun :)

  5. hey cutey....Njoy ur christmas and ur future will be full bright lik jesus...
    Burun Esteti─či

  6. This post has me all warm and fuzzy inside. Makes me want a Bear of my own :)

  7. Beautiful photos and memories!!! Every single photo had me smiling and Awww-ing!! His little reindeer onesie is so cute and I admit, I lol at the photos of him crying and pouting at his adorable! I LOVE that Zach dressed as's awesome that one day Bear will see these photos and be able to relive all the memories his mom and dad made for him!! Ahhh, a tiny baby at Christmas - your first baby - I can't think of anything sweeter this time of year!
    You look so comfy and glowy and pretty!! Have a wonderful and safe trip and a very Merry Christmas!! I know the magic will continue!!
    Sending tons of love xoxox

  8. P.S. - loved the letter to Santa. You make me even more excited for next Christmas. Every year my mom (Santa) would write my brother and I a letter and we would each leave him one. And I love his handprint ornament!! :)

  9. Oh man, Bear is the CUTEST!! He really is perfect, Britt! And getting big already! So happy for you guys. Looked like ya'll had fun! lol

  10. Happy Holidays! Adorable photos.

  11. Happy Holidays Beautiful Fullwood Family!! I am sure this was The Best Christmas yet for you & Zach. That precious baby is sure a Beautiful Miracle. It seems like you three had a Fun Christmas.

    I love all the photos, especially the ones of you holding your newborn son, Britt. =)

    I can just imagine how special our Christmas will be next year since we will have a little baby girl to enjoy it with. She will be a little older, almost 1, so I am sure she will take part on some of the fun & joy. =)

  12. This post made me even more sad that I didn't get to see y'all! I love that y'all gave Bear his very own Christmas, what great memories! And the pictures are adorable, I can't stop giggling at the stocking pictures!

  13. Happy Holidays!!! So cute :) He's getting big! Love the picture of him not so happy, and the picture of Zach and the cookie. Glad you had a good Holiday!

  14. These are such sweet pictures! I love the letter to Santa with his handprint...such a good idea! Glad your first family Christmas was so special!


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