Thursday, December 6, 2012

Newborn Pictures

Get ready for a picture overload, my friends! When Bear was 6 days old, Zach's Mom and I had our own little newborn shoot to capture our Baby Boy on camera. A very wet rug, an even more wet diaper cover, and one lovely dirty diaper later, this is what we ended up with...
For the record, the Santa suit is 6 months, Bear was 6 days. Nice job on the sizing, Mommy!
my sweet boys :)
Tired of waiting for Santa....
I've been working on Bear's Birth Story every free moment I get but unfortunately there aren't a lot of those in my day anymore! I'm hoping to have it posted by early next week...can't wait to share the story with you all of how our sweet boy came into this world. Happy almost-weekend!


  1. Seriously he could not be any cuter! Amazing pictures, good job.

  2. Oh my goodness- so, so so cute!! xo

  3. Y'all took the best pictures! He looks so cute in his bear hat and diaper cover AND in the Santa suit! I can't wait to kiss those sweet chubby cheeks! : )

  4. i can't handle the cuteness! i love that the bear costume has a tail! how adorable!

  5. I'm in love! These pictures are adorable!! Bear is adorable!! I just want to hug him and kiss those cheeks!!

  6. SO precious!!! Seriously, he is one handsome and super cutie pie baby!!!! I love those thigh rolls too. My little guy is now walking and the last bit of thigh roll is going away... sigh.
    You are going to have so much fun with this sweetie!!!

  7. AWH!!! They are so cute!!! I love the cap & diaper cover set!! How did yall come up with his name???

    1. Thank you!!!! Zach picked out his name...he's a big fan of Bear Bryant, the football coach. Zach kept saying, "It'll be a cute name when he's little, and sound tough when he's older". Haha! He convinced me. Clayton is my grandpa's name that passed away last March. The first night home from the hospital, Zach and I sat on the bed and looked at him...I said "I'm glad we named him Bear" and Zach said, "There's no other name for him". :)

  8. Oh my goodness, he is an absolute doll! Love the bear ears, bear crossing sign, and that adorable grin! The Santa suit is absolutely precious... aaahhh, I'm so happy for you both!

  9. I can't stop saying OHMYGOODNESS!! He is adorable...those photos are beautiful!! You did an amazing job!! I love the ones of him held out in front of the tree. And I lol at the six month Santa suit - looks so cute still!
    His pouty lips are so sweet and I love the his little smirks in the first few photos!! I can't wait to read your birth story!!
    Hope you're all doing well!! Lots of love and happy weekend wishes! Xoxox

  10. Aww, oh my goodness. So cuddly and cute!! x

  11. These are too cute, I especially love the one with the Bear Crossing sign. Love them!

  12. These photos are absolutely ADORABLE with Capital A. I love the ones of him with the cute brown hat and matching diaper. Are those hand-knitted? They are beautiful. He looks so comfy & sweet on that rug. And the Santa Suit looks incredible on him, albeit a little large. =)


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