Monday, January 14, 2013

Grandparent Love

My parents came to visit us Bear this weekend and it was such a special couple of days. I love watching my Mom and Dad love on our Baby Boy! Pretty sure Bear loves it, too.
My Mom is the world's biggest reader; she's already getting little Bear started.

Somebody was pooped after all that fun!


  1. These pictures are SO precious! Your parents look so in love with little Bear and he looks like he loves them too! I love the picture of your mom reading and Bear is looking at the book! Just plain adorable!

  2. Such precious photos like always. I love that last photo. Your parents are having so much fun. His shirt is too cute, also.

    I just caught up with the last 5 Blog Posts and as always left you some comments. Girl you look so tiny for just having a baby. =)

    I am so happy you will Guest Post. You are one of my Most Favorite Bloggers and definitely one of the Best New Moms out there in the blogging world. You are My Favorite Blogging New Mommy. =)

  3. Love the book!!!! Reading to little ones is so much fun, and its never to early to start!!!

  4. These photos are so so sweet!! I LOVE the one of your dad kissing him and the one of your mom reading to him! There's so much love shining through those pictures! And omygosh, Bear is precious!! He has such pretty blue eyes. It makes me tear up thinking about my friends and family with our child. And your photos made me tear up too!
    I hope you're having a great day, mama! Xoxox


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