Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last Weekend...

Bear enjoyed his changing table & mobile for the first time...
Zach scared our sweet, one year old nephew...
Aunt Amanda loved on Bear...
Zach was, as usual, the best Daddy ever.
(Bear's rockin' his new cap...still a little big but I couldn't resist)
Hope you all had a great weekend, too!
a couple quick shout-outs...
1. Loving our new blog look, compliments of Sarah Grace at gracefully made. Awhile back I asked you all for recommendations on blog designers; shortly after it hit me that my own friend Sarah does blog design and is super talented. Thank you very much for all your hard work, Sarah! We love it.
2. My bff Whitney over at Keeping Up With the Cyperts is hosting an amazing giveaway right now...head over and check it out! It's easy to enter and the ladies helping are some of my favorites.
That's all. Happy Hump Day!


  1. seriously?! Can Bear get any cuter? Actually don't answer that. He does with every post!

    and i LOVE your new blog look. looks so good!

  2. Your blog design looks so good! I love the colors, your header, your picture and intro, and your signature! Bear, as always, looks adorable and I am still jealous that Amanda got to come stay with y'all! Z is one proud papa bear!

  3. Love the new blog design and Bear's mobile!

  4. Love your new layout! So fresh and simple. Love your Baby Boy's changing station too! You have great taste, Britt!

  5. The blog design happened fast! Love it. He looks soooo cute in that cap. He'll grow into it.

  6. Love your new blog design! It's so pretty and clean!! I just started working on a new one...It's fun to switch it up every now and then. That mobile you made Bear is so sweet...I can tell he loves it - that picture of him on the changing table (with the squishy face) is so cute! And I love the one of him in his new GAP hat with Zach...they look like best buds!!
    I lol @ Zach in the orange face mask! :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day, mama! Xoxox

  7. Lovin' your new design... and your baby bear! He is SO adorable!!


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