Thursday, January 10, 2013


A look at how much our baby boy has changed in seven short weeks...

It's bittersweet to look back at week one and see how much Bear has changed; I miss our tiny little guy but I'm proud of the big boy he's becoming (not that he was ever that tiny...funny we called him that before he was born!). We pray daily that he continues to grow, even if I secretly want him to stay a newborn forever :).


  1. hes gorg! isnt it crazy how fast they change! one day My girls look like daddy, the next me!

  2. he's getting big! keep this up! i did a laundry basket one with my little guy to document his first year and i love looking back on it!

  3. He's getting so big! What a cutie oh my gosh I LOVE that last picture and his little slipper things!? SO cute! I love him! I know.. I feel like Ryan has never been small hahaha
    I love that you put dislikes bachelor. haha Ry will have to agree!

  4. It does go by so fast doesn't it?! I still can't believe my first baby is going to be 2 in a few short months! Just you wait... :)

  5. oh my gosh, he really did grow! he's such a cute little peanut- and i love his funny little smiles :)

  6. Love it! I notice the most change from three weeks to one month! I can just imagine the bittersweet-ness that comes with seeing your baby grow each week. So happy you're blessed with a healthy, happy baby! Sending love and wishing you, Zach and Bear a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Xoxox


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