Friday, January 18, 2013


febreeze set and refresh
(we have them in almost every room...the tropical scents make summer a not-so-distant dream)
this face
pretty baker's twine in the Target dollar section
these two playing every evening
Bear's tummy time mat (a gift from our friend Whitney's mom..thanks, Ann!)
the handmade Colombian parrot that hangs in our backyard (a gift from Uncle Greg)
sweet slumber
What are you loving lately?


  1. he is so cute! I need to get that from target! love their dollar spot!

  2. He is adorable! I love lighting all my scented candles on these dark dreary evenings:)Have a lovely weekend!

  3. good loves :) especially that cutie, Bear!

  4. I'm loving my coffee right this minute as I read up on blogs! What a precious sweet baby face.

  5. your baby is absolutely adorable!!!! these days I'm loving the peacefulness beside a lovely smelling fire with hot cocoa in hand.

  6. That mat IS cute! I totally forgot my mom got that for little Bear! I will have to send her this post. How cute is that little face? I can't wait to squeeze those cheeks, hopefully sooner rather than later. Call me crazy, but I have never heard of baker's twine? Is this something I need?

  7. That is such a sweet mat!! And how perfect!!
    I love the red and white twine...I didn't see that in the dollar bins...I've been hitting them up a lot lately...I will have to be on the lookout! :)
    Bear is adorable...he looks so incredibly peaceful taking his nap and the pics with Zach are so cute!! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!! Sending tons of love xoxox

  8. Your little man totally melts my heart! Isn't motherhood the most amazing thing in the world?!

  9. Ohhh that tummy-time mat besides being so cute & adorable looks great & effective too. I love that last photo of him and the cute Polka Dot Blanket.


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