Monday, January 28, 2013

Momma Style: The Bell Bottom Blues

blazer:Dillards, jeans/belt:F21, bracelets:Charming Charlie, J.Crew, necklace:Francesca's, top:Target, bag:thrifted
I laugh at myself when I wear brown and black together; it takes me back to junior high days when my friends and I immaturely swore off any boys that paired brown belts with black shoes. I mean, we're talking big time no-no. "Brown and black, don't take him back". It was that serious. I'm just lucky Zach doesn't follow my adolescent dating rules or I'd be out a husband.
I'm all about skinny jeans, as my closet would certainly prove, but there's something about bell bottoms that get me all giddy inside. It's like playing 1970's dress-up, Saturday Night Fever style. John Travolta didn't have to worry about breastfeeding though...lucky dude. A button up top is the easy solution; nursing doesn't have to be super wardrobe-restricting! I love finding pieces that allow on-the-go breastfeeding and keep both Momma and Baby happy.
What styles are you currently loving? Do you ever branch out from trendy skinnies? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Such gorgeous pictures! That last one is frame worthy, you look hot! I love the blazer and bell bottoms. Pretty mama! : )

  2. i was just writing on someone's blog today that i used to think you couldn't do black and brown together and now I do all the time! you look gorgeous!!

  3. Ok, Mama! You look AWESOME!! :) BTW - Bellbottoms. That is what I wore growing up. So glad to see they made a come-back :)

  4. Love this outfit! I love brown and black together! Do you want to know where I first learned that brown and black don't go together? Sean! Hahaha, he was sure of it!

    Glad he was wrong :).

  5. Gorgeous as always :) I so wish I could branch out a little more, it took me forever to actually get in skinny I can't get out of them! Of course I love a variety but I just don't feel comfortable in bell bottoms! I feel like I'm too short, and forget about wearing heels haha.

  6. I absolutely love this outfit! Your blazer is amazing as well as your bell bottoms. It's fun to break out of the skinny jean rut and play with fun bell bottoms :) I am currently loving colored denim right now. Heather

  7. You are looking absolutely Stunning Mamma. What a Beautiful Blazer. Gorgeous jewelry, too.

    I also love the look to your page, the new design is great & very personable. I wanted to ask how did you do the bottom logo where it says "Hugs, Britt"? What program did you use?

    Ohhh and check out your Guest Post on my blog today on Tuesday Jan 29th. =)

  8. beautiful as always! i'm so proud of you for staying fashion forward while staying so busy with new-mommyhood! such an encouragement for when it's my turn!

  9. I'm so jealous of your striped blazer!! I haven't found one I like. It's super cute. I have no bell bottoms and lately like you it's all about skinnies and hardly even boot cut but it's refreshing to see the flairs on you.

  10. gorgeous! i LOVE bell bottoms!! your outfit is fabulous! i smiled at mixing brown and black. i remember when it was such a "no no" too. i just wore black leggings and camel boots the other day and didn't think twice. i have been living in mama jeans - both flared and skinny...i love them and how comfy they are, but it will be nice to wear other styles once i pop the baby out and lose some of the baby weight!
    your necklace is awesome!! i thought of you the other day in target bc i was looking for buttoned top for breast feeding. :)
    you look amazing, brittany!

  11. I am LOVING the bell bottoms. You can really rock those, girl. Great outfit all together!


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