Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bear Lately...

 just a few pictures of our chubby-cheeked boy....
a sneak peek of our Easter photoshoot yesterday...
and a little video to brighten your day....someone's learned to giggle :)
Happy Hump Day, y'all! The weeks just seem to be flying by lately; feels like I was just typing that exact line last Wednesday. Think I need some new well-wishes. Beware the ides of March?? Nah, think I'll stick with my repetitive Hump Day line. Hope your week is going swell :).


  1. So excited to see the rest of the Easter shoot! Lovin that photo!! I don't know how he keeps getting more handsome each time I see him! Both my girls hated red lights carseats and clothes around then-oh the joys ;)

  2. ohmygosh, that video is too sweet!! thanks so much for sharing! that just made my night as i am about to go to bed and try and not be a vampire tonight. bear's giggles are too cute!! i can tell him and zach have such a special relationship - the photo of them sleeping - ahhhh, so precious!!
    and the easter photo - ohmyheavens, i can't wait to see the is beautiful. the other day my mom and i were shopping and i saw bunny ear headbands and i didn't pick one up because i wasn't sure if baby would be here yet. i'm gonna be out tomorrow...just might have to pick one up. :)
    i hope march is treatin' ya well so far! xoxox

  3. Awww that first photo is precious!!! and that Easter photo!? Oh my gosh. he is so darling! That is the cutest idea! You are so creative! and it really doesn't get much better than hearing them giggle. So cute Britt!

  4. Can't wait to see the rest of his Easter shoot. He makes one cute and cuddly bunny. And that video? Oh my! Baby giggles melt my heart.

  5. I love these pictures! You look so pretty and happy with your little man and I especially love the one of him and daddy sleeping together. So precious! Those two are going to be the best of buds! I love that "Handsome" shirt! Oh my goodness, that Easter picture! Are you sending out cards, please say yes! I can not wait to see more of those pictures, he looks so so cute! And I watched that video earlier from FB and his little giggle warmed my heart! I just love that little man!

  6. He is so precious!!! He gets cuter in every pic.

  7. Oh my goodness Britt...he is the CUTEST! Love the Easter pic and the handsome shirt :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. such cute pictures! and i LOVE the easter one! :)

  9. those bunny ears are too much cuteness for one photo! love it!

  10. Oh my, your boy is seriously handsome and those cheeks. I love that easter picture, so beautiful.

    Always looking for new mommy blog to follow. Love your style


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