Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we drove to Oklahoma for the wedding of our friends, Matt and Jennifer. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous (as was the bride!) and Bear did great on the roadtrip; we are blessed to have such a laid-back traveler Bear.

A few pictures from the trip...
We ate at Braum's for lunch all three days in OK. Braum's has the best ice cream! So yes, this Momma had double scoop cones three days in a big deal.
Bear looked longingly...
After all that ice cream Bear and I hit up the work-out room for a quick walk (note Nap Nanny in the background...we couldn't live without it).
Chillin' at the Holiday Sleep Inn
Ready for the wedding!
(Bear's outfit: cardi-The Children's Place, shirt-Gap, khakis-Tommy Hilfiger, boat shoes-Old Navy)
my handsome boys
 Notice anything funny about this picture? Bear wanted some milk with his cookies. (He was the only baby at the wedding so naturally got loved on a lot. He also had a steak knife dropped on his head but that's a whole nother story...)
 We stopped at Cooper Farms Country Store on our way home and loaded up on fried pies...they were delish!
 Overall, the trip was a success and we enjoyed Jen and Matt's big day. Oklahoma isn't our favorite state (sorry, Okies!) but Z had never visited Oklahoma City and seeing the Memorial was something he's always wanted to do. Plus we ate enough ice cream to make any weekend a sweet one.
How was your weekend? Hope it was a super sweet one, too! :)


  1. That ice cream cone looks delicious. Bear's first wedding?...glad he survived the knife incident!!

  2. I don't think I have ever had Braum's! It looks delicious. I am obsessed with Bear's outfit for the wedding. I pulled the picture up on my phone and showed my parents and they loved it too! I'm glad y'all had a fun trip, can't wait for everything to settle down in your neck of the woods so we can finally talk!

  3. I need ice cream now. You and Whitney kill me each time I get on your blogs!

    You looked amazing. LOVE your hair ... and of course little man is so adorable! He has the cutest smile, such a flirt!

    Glad the knife incident didn't injure his little head.

  4. so much to comment on!! glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding and so happy to hear bear is a fantastic traveler!! i love that you've gone on so many road trips with him so far! you are beautiful - love the deep red dress! what a stunning mama, bear has! and his outfit is so precious!! love the bottle of milk at the table :) and eeks, a knife fell on his head?! i hope he's okay!
    i love the first photo...bear looks like he is loving braum's too...and the pic with him and the ice cream cone cracks me up, because the cone looks almost as big as him! :)
    glad you all had a wonderful weekend!!
    bewtween the ice cream, your dessert plate and the fried pies, i now need some sugar.
    i hope you have a wonderful night as you settle back in! lots of love xoxox

  5. How are you so lucky to have such a chill baby?! And holy skinny! Teach me your ways!

  6. Braums has the absolute best ice cream ever!!! I can't wait to go home in a few weeks just so I can have some!!!!

  7. soo funn! Im in need of a little weekend traveling. I love his outfit and your dress for the wedding is to die for!

    ps. I want ice cream now!

  8. What a fun weekend: we had a wedding to attend this weekend too! Bear is absolutely adorable, especially in the Braum's photos... who doesn't love Braum's?! Mmmmm! And you look GORGEOUS for the wedding!

  9. Looks like a great time. Your little man looks adorable all dressed up. I'd love to see a future Outfit Post where I can better see your Wedding Attire, too.

    BTW, I posted pics of the baby. Check them out! =)

  10. Bear is just the cutest!!

    You looked so lovely at the wedding!


  11. Few things.
    Bear's outfits!? Oh my gosh. Darling.
    That picture of him and your hubby in the hotel- too cute! I love his little smirk!
    We totally have the same bottles, and Ryan decided he forgot how to take one these days and won't take it!- so sad.
    and you are just the cutest mommy ever. I am craving ice cream now!

  12. what a great weekend! He looks so happy in that first picture!


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