Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Growing Boy

It breaks my heart a little to look at these pictures...
I can't believe how much our baby Bear has grown over the last 4 months. While I realize how blessed we are to have such a healthy Little Man, I also want him to stay little & snuggly forever. He's just started reaching out and touching my cheeks when I hold him and it melts my heart every time. Can someone invent a time-freezer, pretty please?
Hope you're having a great week :)


  1. Believe me when I say you aren't the only Mom feeling this way. I look at my almost 18 year old & just can't believe I held him as a tiny baby what seems like yesterday. I love how you are documenting everything here.
    I think back to those times when the seasoned moms would say "remember these times & treasure them because they go by so quickly". It is so true :) I'm still treasuring these times. They are different & the kids aren't necessarily as cuddly but still times to be treasured :)

  2. You are so right! Time is flying. My little guy is five months and I find myself looking at his newborn pictures on an almost daily basis. I'm pretty sure a panic attack awaits me at six months.

    Bear is a doll!


  3. I can just imagine how bittersweet it is to watch your sweet baby grow!! I am already anticipating how fast the time will pass. I feel like this pregnancy flew by (most days) and I want nothing more than to cherish each and every day with baby girl.
    I loved the photos of Bear through the months! Those legs! Those feet! Ahhh, he is such a sweetheart!! I hope you had a great day with your babe!!! Lots of love to you! Xoxox

  4. He may be getting bigger but he is only getting cuter! He has the sweetest face and chubby thighs. I love that little Bear! I'm sorry he is growing up so fast, but you do a really good job of cherishing every moment with him.

  5. Ps. I just made your Valentines brownies! : )

  6. Seriously if I could invent a time stopper I soo totally would! It's unbelievable how fast they grow!! I can't even believe he's ready 4 months-it's gone by so so fast! Yay for the next step in mama hood....aka not being able to hold anything in your hands without baby grabbing, smacking, eating it :)


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