Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We had a great playdate last week at Market Street; Bear likes the older ladies :)
Boston on the radio+grande Mocha Frappuccino=happy girl
We ordered Bear these and can't wait to let him try them! It'll be a while before we give him one, don't worry mommy-pros :).
Not quite sitting up solo, but close!
 onesie: Polo Ralph Lauren, bucket hat: Baby Gap

Things are getting crazy festive around here as Easter approaches and we wouldn't have it any other way. We're headed to West Texas in the morning to celebrate & see family so Bear gets his Easter basket from Zach and me tonight. I can hardly wait! Hopefully he'll have a better reaction than he did to his Christmas stocking....
Happy almost-Easter, friends!


  1. you should try the kidsme much cleaner than the mesh ones!

  2. lovin' his cute little round tummy! Have a fun family trip. Bear will be held and loved by so many people that he just might get a little spoiled if he isn't already that is.

  3. i love his little hat! why can't grown-ups be as cute as babies! :)

  4. ohmygoodness, bear and his little girlfriend are adorable together!! i love his blue outfit and GAP hat! and that patchwork hat with the red outfit - PRECIOUS! his expressions always make me "AWW" and smile...he is so beautiful! glad you're having fun getting ready for bear's first easter! have a wonderful and safe trip and have so much fun with your family celebrating!! can't wait to "hear" about it and see your sweet photos! HAPPY EARLY EASTER to you, zach and bear!

  5. I completely forgot to ask you about those play dates yesterday when we talked and I wanted to know about them! Don't let me forget next time we talk. I literally can not get over how cute Bear looks in that first picture. It makes me laugh.

    Boston AND a mocha frap? Girl after my own heart right there! : )

    Bear is such a little Gerber baby! He is so handsome in his little Polo onesie and hat. I love him! And you!

    Have fun at home and take lots of pictures!

  6. Oh my gosh! So cute! Look at that hat!! He is so dang cute! Look at his little dimple! Also- I want to come see you at marketstreet! I need your number so we can communicate easier!! Happy early Easter! xo

  7. Most Handsome Fella around!!!!! Happy Easter early and safe travels!!!!!!

  8. that picture of the two of them - so cute!!!

  9. Your baby gets cuter by the minute (so does mine). We are so lucky to have such beautiful, healthy, big, strong babies. =)

    I love all of these photos. Bear looks so cute in all the pics with the Madras Hat. I absolutely love the first pic of the two babies laying down, that is my favorite. =)

    Happy Easter to you, Zach & Baby Bear - his First Easter!!

    XOXO <3 Ada & Vivian.

  10. Such a sweet smile on that one!


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