Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fullwood Family Visit

 Some of Zach's family (7 of them!) came to stay with us last week and we had such a great time visiting and letting Bear and his cousin, Kamdon, get to know each other. They come in town every year for the Houston Rodeo and it's always a blast...this year was no exception! 
Grammy took Bear and Kam for a walk around the lake while Bear snoozed
Zach's Dad (aka "Squadboard") having fun at the park
lunch in Old Town Spring
Aunt Amanda loves to love on Bear
(She's expecting Baby #2 in September! Ahhh!)
a worth-the-wait wait at Cheesecake Factory
sleeping on Squadboard
fried food paradise at the rodeo
Zach's parents always buy the grandsons their first cowboy hat...Bear sported his like a champ
"like a rhinestone cowBear"
cowboy cousins :)
sweet sister-in-laws
lunch at Smashburger (our favorite!)
picking strawberries at Atkinson Farms
Bear looks thrilled about the strawberry farm (maybe it was the sun in his eyes? Mommy was unprepared and didn't bring a hat!) 
 It was a fun, fast five days! Can't wait for Easter when we can go home and see family again; it'll be Bear's first egg hunt, too :).
Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. How fun! We have some church members on the board for the rodeo and they always invite us to pick a night to come, but the favorite acts that we want to see are always during the school week: this Kindergarten teacher cannot rock a late school night! Love the pictures of Bear and his first cowboy hat, what a sweet boy! It looks like you all had a great time!

  2. that cowboy hat is adorable on him! seriously...isn't it impossible to just not snap pictures all the time at the cuteness?

  3. What a nice visit. There is always a crazy wait at Cheesecake Factory but it's always worth it! Family visits always go so fast.

  4. I love the cowboy hat on Bear that's to darn cute!! We went Strawberry picking this weekend to. Dont you just love fresh berries :) Makes for some great baking to :)

  5. bear is so adorable! I love your shorts in the last shots -- details on where to find them?!

    1. Thank you so much, Josie!!! The shorts are from J.Crew Factory...they were on sale (for super cheap!) about two months ago. They're really comfy!

  6. Oh my gosh! Bear in that hat!?!?! SO freaking cute! He is such a little doll! I love his little rolls! I pray Ryan's never go away! Also- You look darling! Seriously your outfits are perfect! Take me to your closet! Sounds like a blast with family, I still can't believe we missed you guys. xoxo

  7. i'm so glad you had a wonderful time with so much of your family! ahhh, all the amazing places you ate at! the cheesecake factory is so good...it's been too long since i've been there. years ago, when i worked at the mall, i used to live there. i'd go sometimes twice a week. it's worth the crazy long wait, isn't it?! :)
    and smashburger...ahhh, when i went to ut last year, my friend told me it was one place we HAD to visit. it was so amazing. loved their rosemary fries! i want it now! lol.
    bear had so many new adventures last week...love the family photos and the fair photos!!
    and bear's cowboy hat - insanely sweet!! i wish i lived closer to tx...for many reasons...bc it looks like SO much fun and bc you're there! :)
    so wonderful you'll get to see your family again for easter!!
    can't believe it's next weekend!

    have a wonderful day, brittany!
    p.s. - love zach's dad's nickname :)


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