Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Five Things

early morning hot chocolate+charlie brown christmas boxers=bliss
new artwork we found at an auction this weekend...for $35. bargains make us happy.
and yet another.
glistening lights
and a sneak peek at a post-in-progress...my closet, my haven.
What five things are tickling your fancy this week?


  1. How many auction paintings did you get??? :)

  2. Ohhhh Shannon...you know the answer to that :). We'll say 3...1 doesn't count! But I'll post a picture of it soon, promise. I still haven't taken it to goodwill; I feel bad disowning it so soon!

  3. Such a fun post idea! Those ornate frames are gorgeous! And I see you color-coordinate your closet like I do! So fun! My five favorite things:
    1) Christmas vacation in 2.5 days
    2) Crafting for kindergarten
    3) Christmas movies (watching them with my Kinders)
    4) Helpful husbands
    5) My brother and his wife surprised us by coming home for Christmas from Thailand!

  4. Thank you Chrissy! You are so sweet. I can't get enough of Christmas movies either (especially loving the cheesy hallmark ones this year) and agree with your #4 big time. Helpful husbands are a huge blessing. And how wonderful that your brother and sister in law came home!! I bet your family is so thrilled!

  5. Hi Brittany! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Your Christmas tree is lovely!
    I used to do a weekly "5 things" post on my family blog. I should start that up again on my craft blog.
    Today it would be:
    1-homemade hamburgers for dinner, requested by my birthday boy
    2-Bath and Bodyworks holiday scent wallflowers
    3-chai tea latte
    4-my shutterfly book came in the mail today
    5-pandora Christmas music

  6. Looking forward to your closet reveal. It may be weird, but I love looking in other people's closets!

  7. The picture of the Christmas tree is PERFECT! Good job mastering that camera so fast! : )

  8. I love your blog just found it through Little Black Button, so Im your newest follower. :) I to am from Texas DFW to be exact. I love your fiesta ware mug and spoon, I have a huge obsession with fiesta ware and im always adding to my collection.
    Your home look gorgeous and your closet OMG LOVE.
    Come over for a visit @ http://texasbornandraised.blogspot.com/ my blog!!!!


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