Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Closet Reveal

Happy Hump Day, friends! Hope you are all having a fabulous week. I'm going to preface this post by telling you that my closet is dedicated to my sweet husband. You see, we each have our own in the master bath, but mine is a tad bit bigger. He originally suggested the possibility of hanging a few shirts in one side of my closet and of course I agreed, but the more clothes I hung the more I realized that unfortunately (for Zach) this wasn't an option. I'm a female, afterall. We have three dressers and four other closets that he can take his pick from. But this Baby, she's all mine. Since he didn't get to share, all the paintings you see hanging were made by him so that everytime I walk in, I think of how beautifully creative he is. Good trade-off, right?

Ohhhh, the vulnerability I'm feeling right now. This is like opening up a small piece of my heart to you guys. Good thing you are all so kind, or else this would be just too much. It's not Kim Kardashian's closet, but I'd rather have a successful marriage than a successful closet any day.

Without further ado, let me explain to you the closet that's been put together (so far).

The way the bathroom is set up makes it really difficult to get a picture from the outside, so this is from the doorway looking in. I hope to eventually get all matching hangers, but for now this will have to do.

The racks are grouped into coats, blouses, t-shirts, and track suits up top...dresses, shirts, and pants on bottom.

We received two of these lovely iron key-holders as wedding gifts. One is hanging by the backdoor and one found it's home as a purse-holder in closet de Brittany.
Being the cheapskate that I am, I tried to be resourceful and use things we already had but couldn't find a place for. This little belt-holder is actually a picture stand. It sticks out from the wall far enough to hold plenty of belts, even the widest ones.
Told you it was dedicated to him.
Here's a breakdown of the top shelves. The bathing suit bucket is from Dollar Tree and the aqua baskets were $5 each at Lowes. The hat box was a gift from my grandma. Thanks Nana!
This scarf-hanger, my friends, has a story. I'm sure you can tell that it's actually a towel ring, but it works perfectly at it's new position. I was in Bed Bath & Beyond recently buying some of these bad boys for our bathrooms and picked up an extra one we didn't need. In my little-kid-on-Christmas-morning like way, I ripped it out of the packaging before I even realized we didn't need it. Since it was $12 (say what? for one of these thingies?) I was determined to give it a purpose. I think it likes it's new home.
Boots, heels, and flats all rest on the shelf in between top and bottom hanging clothes.
...and a few got "booted" to the floor.
Because there wasn't enough room to neatly display all my shoes, I decided to put them out in seasons. Which, in Houston, consists of summer (11 months of the year) and winter. It doesn't have a lid because I believe shoes, being much like people, need to breathe. This bin is perfect for rotating shoes that are only good during the warm months....
and cold months month.
This was also my first time attempting color-coordinating. It made me want to eat Skittles.
And one more look at the left side through the door. Thanks for visiting, y'all! Hope this has given you some cheap and simple ideas to organize your closet.
If you have any other suggestions or methods of organization you use, I would love to hear them!

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  1. Holy moly! I'm so jealous of your closet!! It's fabulous!

  2. Love it!!! We have a giant closet in our apartment... and it's totally filled with junk. I want that much room for my clothes!!!!

  3. that is 1 organized closet. props to ya.

  4. Oh I love this post! I am going to save it so I can show my honey your great ideas!! We only have the 1 closet but your ideas will help us use what we do have in a good way! Love your blog too!! Imperfectly Pamela

  5. What a cute post! Your closet looks great Brit. I love the posts about your house, makes me feel like I get to actually see whats going on! Dumb Colorado!

    Can't wait to see you soon! : )

    Oh, glad to know that someone besides us has the dumb hangers with the paper on them from the cleaners! I try to rip all of mine off but somehow they sneak back on I think!

  6. thank you for all your sweet words, ladies! and yes whit...those hangers are annoying. i feel like i take 485 pieces of clothing to the cleaners every week so we have lots of them laying around!

  7. Ok seriously? That picture stand and towel are a genius!!! I wish I had a walk in closet to do this with, wahhhhhh :( And holy lots of shoes! I'm a size 8, JUST in case you're looking to donate :)

  8. I absolutely love all of your closet space. Unfortunately this older home, that we live in, doesn't have large closets. Love your blog..I'm a new follower!

  9. Your closet looks great! And I love all the yummy recipes you post! I've got to try one of those! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day...I'm glad you like the bentwood chair:).

  10. What an amazing organized space. Ours is organized but we share so it's very crowded...even the shelves above the rod. We just need another closet!!! Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm happy to follow you back!

  11. your closet is a true masterpiece! i love it! ahhh, makes me want to go upstairs and get to work. i keep saying i want to add a second bar in mine. i have mine in rainbow order too (well, somewhat ha!)

    i love your artwork in the next post! looks beautiful against the wall color! i'm obsessed with gold and bronze frames!

    you've got sweet style!
    maria <3

  12. OMG! I’m so excited that you did this post bc my hubs just redid my master closet with the double hangs. (Which, is actually kind of freaky bc I feel like our lives are so similar- odd lol). And now I can steal all your good ideas! Like the bins for tights and leggings. So doing that. Closet looks so amazing and organized! Love it! :-)

  13. Great post! Love the thrifty tips :) I'm searching for a way to bring some light into my closet, it's not a walk-in and is SO dark. Suggestions?

  14. Thank you so much ladies! This was my first attempt at a semi-organized closet so I was happy to share. Erin- I wish I had a good solution to the dark problem...could your hubby install a brighter light fixture? That's the only thing I can think of! Or you could do a push-light or two on the wall. I used to have a dark closet too and it made it really hard to find things (especially in the morning with half-open eyes) so I totally understand!

  15. Impressive! My closet is sad and squished.=)

  16. I am super jealous of your closet, I'm sure I'll do some sort of re-organizing post in January, but it is like a 10th of the size, it is very difficult! I love how organized you are though and all of your cute labels are great!

  17. Brittany! your closet is like a magical wonderland that I could dive into and possibly never come out! lol

    Love it!



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