Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Christmas is slowly creeping in on us and we are fully embracing every bit of it. Cookies are being baked(and eaten), hot chocolate is being guzzled, presents are being wrapped, and chestnuts are being roasted. Okay I lied about the chestnuts. Where do you buy those things, anyway? 
We hit up Home Depot yesterday...I picked out the cute yard sign you see above and Zach picked out the handy ladder you see below.
Oh and yes, I met these two this weekend at an antique mall. Since, surely, they are 'antique'. My life is now complete.
How are you preparing for Christmas this year? Hope you're staying nice and warm!


  1. You have your presents wrapped already?! Holy smokers you are on the ball. I don't know what my problem is this year, I just have no motivation to decorate. Sad but true. Usually by Thanksgiving I'm choppin' at the bit! Hopefully the Christmas spirit finds me soon :)

  2. Oh heavens no, Katie! I'm only getting started on the wrapping. We have five different family Christmases (between parents/granparents houses) so the gifting gets a little crazy...but I love it! So much fun finding treasures. Surely the Christmas spirit will find you MUST download the new Michael Buble Christmas album immediately. That should help :)

  3. Checking you out from La Vida Leipprandt! I too can't believe the amount of wrapped presents...we put lights on the tree yesterday and I was just pleased with that! Your home looks beautiful!


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