Monday, October 22, 2012

Exxon Shower

Two weeks ago, Zach's work friends sweetly threw us a baby shower at their office. It was so thoughtful and special; we were blown away by everything they did for us and our Little Man. Zach is extremely blessed to work with such kind, wonderful people. Baby is now fixed up!
the adorable, VERY yummy chocolate cake
only a few more weeks until I can quit hiding his name :)
One of Zach's co-workers, Virginia, made this beautiful A&M baby quilt just for Tiny. I was so surprised and thankful (and hormonal??) that a few tears actually fell.
thrilled about diaper changing...
Thank you to everyone who made this such a special memory for Zach and me. We are grateful beyond measure.
I've been a terrible blogger lately; please forgive me! I hope each of you had a fabulous weekend. Planning to catch up on your blogs this afternoon!
B & Baby


  1. That is just so sweet, and the blanket! I LOVE, how special.

  2. that is so sweet they threw you a baby shower!! that cake looks yummy and cant wait to hear what you have named your son

  3. Time is getting near, my friend. What a thoughtful gesture for Zach'd co workers to have a show for you both. Do you think that he has mentioned Tiny at work???? Enjoy these last few weeks and remember to rest. Sleep is something that all new mom's wish they had more of.

  4. such sweet co-workers!! it looks like you guys got some good stuff!

  5. That was so sweet and thoughtful of Zach's company!! Your cake looks so good - especially the icing!! :) You look beautiful as always...I hope you are feeling well!! Ahhh, less than a month until your due date! Crazyyyy! I bet each day it gets more and more real!!
    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.
    Lots of love xoxox

  6. Wow what awesome work mates your hubby has!!! Looks like you got some great gifts for your little man!

  7. How sweet of them to throw a shower for you! I can't wait to find out his name: what an exciting time!!! And the A&M quilt?! What a sweet gift! Definitely a tear-jerker, for sure :)

  8. aww, i love that they threw a shower for you! so sweet! and of course you looked amazing. i am loving your hair!


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