Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweetwater Shower

Several weeks ago, friends and family in our hometown threw us an amazing baby shower at the church I grew up in. From the yummy food to the adorable diaper cake, it was absolutely perfect! So many wonderful ladies came out to help celebrate; it was such a special day. Baby Boy was definitely feeling the love.
2 of my 4 sweet sister-in-laws :)
posing with our Fairy Godmother who sewed all of Tiny's bedding
Zach's Meemaw
the grandmas!

my grandmas

being silly...what we do best

Happy Halloween to you all! I just finished me and Tiny's costume this morning...I'll post pictures tomorrow :). Can't wait to see recaps of all of your Halloween adventures!

p.s. Is it bad that I'm sitting here listening to Christmas music...on Halloween? I love fall but Christmas will always be my favorite!


  1. Ahhh, Christmas music! I want to listen to that too! I can't believe that tomorrow is November. So crazy! Christmas shopping begins, yes!!!

    Now about your shower. What a great shower! Your dress looked amazing on you. Tiny is so love, it must be the best feeling to know that Tiny is already so loved by so many :)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful shower, baby Tiny is so blessed!!!!

  3. such a wonderful shower - i can see you're surrounded by so much love, brittany...i am sure the day was full of joy and all kind of happy emotion!! you dress is so pretty and looks beautiful on you (and tiny)!! i especially love that last photo! :)
    and christmas music - amazing - i have a bunch of old cds i burned that have christmas tunes mixed in on them - i get so happy when one comes on!!
    i hope you had a happy halloween - just think, next year you will be posting about tiny's first halloween!!! :)
    thinking of you and sending so much love <3

  4. I loved this post sweet Brittany. You look amazing and it looks like a Fantastic Shower - you are lucky. You looked YOUR MOST ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL here. What a pretty dress and quite fashionable too with the Polka Dots & High/Low hem. =)) I am sure you received lots of great gifts for baby Tiny, too.

    And my darling Brit, pregnancy suits you as well. Any day now before your baby boy comes to this world. So Sweet!! =))

    Thanks for the kind comments on my page. Stay calm and get some rest these days till the baby comes. <3 Ada.


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