Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Life has been pretty sweet these last few weeks...nesting is officially in full swing and preparing for Baby is taking #1 priority. Thanks to my Mom, Dad, and Z's hard work, things around the house are finally starting to feel ready.
adorable little baby socks are gettin' washed

we finally found the perfect lace valance and hung it in our sitting room

soaking up precious family time

Sunday was a day of rest...we painted pumpkins

and enjoyed the sunny Houston weather
I also learned a new balancing act...

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. SO exciting! Love this post. Gets me all happy inside and you can tell just how happy you are!

    Love the last pic! That's skill right there ;)

  2. Hah!! I love your balancing act. Baby socks are my absolute favorite!! When are you due?

  3. Those little socks are too adorable!

  4. I love the lace in valance. its perfect.
    and your balancing trick is awesome!!!

  5. Haha you dork! I can't believe how big that "bump" has gotten. I wish I could see you again before Tiny is here just so I can see that belly! : ) Those litty baby socks are so cute as is y'all's sitting room. And what did y'all do with the pumpkins? I'm sure Z did something wonderfully creative with them!

  6. Not to much longer. PS: I'm sure your pumpkins turned out super cute, do you have pictures to share??

  7. Ahhhhh! Those baby pumpking bump photos are adorable!!! And that comfy track suit is so stinkin' cute on you!! I have a few upstairs but haven't tried them with my new belly yet...maybe I will have to! :) I LOVE the lace valance you found...I LOVE everything about that room...I would hang out there all the time...looks so relaxing and inviting!! And the baby socks - Yaaa! (Yaa is my word for insanely cute!!) I'm so glad you're getting to soak up this time before Tiny makes his debut...it must all be so surreal and emotional and wonderful!!! Enjoy it all, beautiful mama!!
    Happy almost Wednesday to you, Zach and Tiny!!
    Sending tons of love xoxox

  8. What talent you have..balancing a pumpkin on your baby bump!!! Cute picture. Love the valance in your sitting room. Looks like it will be a fun room to sit and relax with Tiny. You look like you are ready to become a mom anytime soon. Happy Halloween.

  9. those baby socks are so tiny!!! and adorable!!

  10. Painted pumkpins? No carving?! What did you paint on them? You two are soo crafty I can't wait to see!


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