Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A few phone pictures from the past week...
We saw The Words...it was really good! Sad at parts, but good. A few days later we saw Trouble with the Curve and liked it better though, just in case you're debating which movie to see :).
My absolute favorite place to chow down, Smashburger
Tiny and I have enjoyed afternoon/evening walks around the lakes by our house in the slightly cooler weather
Zach's Dad, all ready for the A&M game Saturday morning
Zach's sister Katy and I sporting our lovely ponchos...fortunately the rain let up for most of the game

Zach photo-bombing his parents' picture
After the game we drove to one of our favorite eating spots, Wings 'n More, where there was a 45 minute wait. Katy, Lisa, and I snuck next door to the cutest little sweet shop and picked up 6 delicious mini cakes. They were seriously some of the best cake we'd ever tasted. Baby loved the Italian Cream!

It's baking season! (wait...isn't it always?)

roses blooming in our front yard

Red Velvet and Pumpkin Spice (it's buried underneath) flavored yogurt from Red Mango...SO yummy!

What have you been up to lately? Football and food, like us? :)


  1. Aggie games are so fun...I really miss Texas football!

  2. LOVE red mango and any fro yo place! what a cute football tee! and I agree that it's always baking season!

  3. your baby bump is so darling!! and pumpkin spice frozen yogurt now that sound deelish!

  4. A few things...

    Baby bump = the most adorable thing every on you!

    smashburger = best! Do you use the groupon now deals they have?



  5. So much to comment on...between the frozen yogurt and Smashburger, I am drooling!! I love that you found those adorable tiny cakes for you and your family...I'm sure it made the wait worth it! :)
    Love the poncho photo and your cute bump underneath!! You are always living life to its fullest and enjoying so much quality time with the ones you love...I really admire that!
    Hope you, Zach and Tiny are having a relaxing night!!

  6. Love the updates! Food and football is always a good time! It looks like you and Zach's family had so much at the A&M game! And I may need to find that little cake shop next time we are near College Station! It's crazy, but I have NEVER eaten at a Smashburger. I need to find one stat, those fries look amazing!

  7. i love the family photos!! such sweet times!

    happy tuesday!

  8. Awesome photos and I love how you all are wearing gear from your favorite Football team. Awesome!! I am dying for some rain around here. Bring some sprinkles my way, pleaaaaseeeee.

    Thank you for stopping by my page, beautiful pregnant lady. I must say: I love your blog!!

  9. All this food talk is making me hunggrrryyyy!!! :)

  10. Okay, all your food pictures are making me so hungry!!! I have been up to school work and training for another half marathon! :) I really miss blogging though, trying to get myself back into it and working with my schedule to fit everything in!

  11. I didn't know that Smash Burger was your favorite! I knew you liked it though. Did I tell you that it is headquartered here in Denver? Garrett and the company he works for did a little promo video for them that was hilarious! I'm glad y'all had fun at the game and that it is atleast a little cooler there. There's snow in our forecast for next week!!

  12. You are seriously adorable pregnant and getting SO CLOSE! Loving your blog!


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