Friday, October 5, 2012

Hubby Love

A quick Friday night shout out to my keeper-of-a-husband who is my best friend and constant support. Tiny and I love you, Z!
Thank you for not only taking the best care of us, but also.....
fixing my sewing machine. I messed with it for over an hour and you fixed it in five minutes flat.

working hard on random house projects I throw your way.

being silly and making us laugh.

loving beef jerky like nobody's business.
finishing Tiny's nursery walls! (with a few breaks/exhaustion break-downs along the way)
mocking my "baby bump" pictures. Kinda mean, yet pretty darn funny.

loving me in the most beautiful way. I can't wait to watch you look at our son just like this.
Happy weekend, friends! Hope this makes you wanna go hug your honey :).


  1. What an awesome guy! I wish I had what Will calls the "fix-its"! Clearly, Z has them :)

  2. ha! love the "bump" photo of him! what a keeper!

  3. Love Z's baby bump pic. to cute!!!! He's def. a handy one when it comes to the Honey "to do list"!! Your one lucky lady!!!

  4. aww, our Zacs remind me of each other :) believe it or not, most of my craft projects wouldn't come to life if it wasn't for my hubby. and sad, but funny story.... when i got my sewing machine last year, i could NOT figure out how to thread the bobbin. granted, i never looked at the instructions but i got frustrated, yelled for Zac, and he did it in 2.5 seconds flat. at first i was ticked cuz he gets everything his first try, but then i thought, eh... at least i married a smarty pants :) Happy weekend Brittany!

  5. This is so sweet! Send him to my house I got tons of projects. I'll send him back promise.

  6. he definitely is a keeper!! i love all the photos of zach - he looks like he has a great sense of humor. :)
    i laughed at the beef jerky photo - steve loves that stuff - he loves all "funky meats" as i call them. in fact, right now he's eating a cheeseburger and i think he has a second one hiding. hahaha!
    wishing you three a wonderful october weekend!
    lots of love!

  7. That Zach of yours is pretty sweet and special! I love him for loving you so much, and I know he will love Tiny SO much and be a great dad! That wedding picture made me miss y'all, I can't wait for the Christmas holidays so we can hopefully see y'all and meet Tiny!

  8. What a top man you have! I wish he could come over and fix my sewing machine.

  9. I have a few of these hubby is not the most handiest but he did an awesome job around the house..yahh to great husbands!


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