Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birchbox Favorites (Nov-Feb)

I've gotten way behind on Birchbox goodies so I decided to give a "favorites recap" for my top picks in the November-February boxes. I have loved almost every product so it was difficult to narrow the list down. Getting these boxes is always the highlight of my week day; I owe my sis-in-law Scarlett such a huge thank you for giving me a year's worth of Birchbox. Love you, Scarlett!
If you've never heard of Birchbox, here's the lowdown. It's pretty awesome.
And the favorites are....
Skin & Co Roma Body Gel: cleansing body gel with olive and sicilian orange extracts (full size, $17.50)
Zach and I went to Rome on our honeymoon so I'm naturally drawn to anything Italian, plus they have such beautiful skin there that I trust their beauty products! This shower gel is packed with antioxidants and leaves my skin feels refreshed and smelling divine. Zach even asked me what perfume I was wearing a few hours after my shower. I usually smell like sour milk these days so he was pleasantly surprised.
Color Club: Wild Cactus (full size, $8)
I am in serious love with this color. Jewel tones are really in right now and while this looks teal in the bottle, it goes on as more of an emerald. The great thing is it's appropriate for any season and can be worn year round. If you'd like to see this color on, I'm wearing it in this post.
Lancome Bi-Facil: eye makeup remover (full size, $28)
I've always been a Mary Kay eye makeup remover kinda girl, but Lancome has pretty much won me over. It takes off waterproof mascara in an instant without any irritation whatsoever. I normally wouldn't pay $28 for a bottle of makeup remover, but a little goes such a long way in this case that I think one bottle would last for months.
Oscar Blandi Hairspray: pronto texture and volume spray (full size, $25)
I've never been one to spend much on hairspray, or even use it much for that matter, but in Houston our weather is so humid that I need some major hold if I expect curls to stay in for more than three minutes. They call this spray "nonsticky" and I didn't believe it until I witnessed the miracle myself. Hairspray always leaves my hands (and often hair!) feeling sticky and icky and with a baby, I despise that. Not anymore! This spray is so light and smells like a salon. You know what I mean, that really yummy salon smell. Now we're on to their secret....
Mox Botanicals Lip Butter: pomegranate & fig lip rub (full size, $16)
This stuff feels like heaven on my lips...I am obsessed. The only down-side is that you rub it on using your finger; I usually prefer Chap Stick and products that don't get on your hands. It just seems unnecessarily messy. I use this in the mornings when getting ready; it's the perfect base for lipstick or gloss. I find it's better for using at home than on-the-go. Bonus: it's eco-friendly!
 Harvey Prince Skinny Chic: perfume (full size, $55)
I've heard several Birchbox subscribers complain about perfume samples since you can get them many places for free (and I hear ya!) but I actually enjoy getting the little sample tubes because they're ideal for travel. We're always taking weekend trips and I learned the hard way not to pack full-size perfume bottles so these samples are the perfect fix. Skinny Chic smells flirty and fun; I'm planning on packing it for a bachelorette party in May. This perfume just feels like something to wear with the "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" should be it's theme song.
Caldrea Hand Soap: (full size, $10.50)
I'm a plain ol' Softsoap kinda gal normally but these sweet soaps smell absolutely amazing and I want to put them by every water orifice in our home. I feel so fancy when I use them, plus they leave my hands smelling heavenly for hours. I'm going to order some just for gifts; they'd be a special treat for all the sweet germaphobes in your life :).
 What products are you currently loving? Have you tried any of these? Would love to hear your current beauty obsessions!


  1. I love reading about people's Birch Boxes! I've told G that if he ever wants to randomly surprise me with something, I'd love him to sign me up...wink wink! Haha Do you think it is worth the money? I want to try that shower gel, I have heard from other people that they liked it too! And I love the nail polish color!

  2. It's gotta be so much fun to get makeup, perfume and all kinda yummy smelling things in the mail every month!! i always tell myself i need to join birchbox and then i forget. thanks so much for sharing, brittany!! i've also seen a lot of women complaining about the perfume samples but i'm with ya - they ARE great for travel or to just throw in your purse. my friend gave me a whole bag of samples last month and i love having them on me. that teal/emerald polish is so pretty - one of my favorite colors! it looks great on you!!
    i am in love with eye makeup remover. i hadn't used it for the longest time but now i am hooked and don't know what i ever did without it.
    thanks so much for all the reviews!! i hope you and bear are having a great friday!! and HAPPY MARCH!!! can you believe it's march???!!! i hope you and your loves have a wonderful weekend, beautiful lady!!!

  3. i love the oscar blandi sample! looks like you have received some great samples in your box lately


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