Thursday, February 14, 2013


Wishing you all lots of love and happiness on this beautiful Valentine's Day.
Bear and I had such a special afternoon celebrating his first V-Day and Zach came home early to share in the festivities (pictures coming tomorrow!). Just when I thought our day couldn't possibly get any sweeter, we recieved a new comment on our Chocolate Tootsie Roll Cookies. Aileen, a soon-to-be-army-wife, made and sent these cookies to her fiance who's currently on his second tour in Afghanistan. Knowing that our cookie recipe made it into a soldier's Valentine care package has completely warmed our hearts; we're reminded of not only the love we share for our little family of three, but also those so valiantly serving our country. My brothers, Shane & Ryan, we love you today and always. You are truly our heroes.
And to Jonathan: 
We can't begin to thank you enough for your service and sacrifice. You, and those who stand beside you wearing that uniform, are what makes this nation great. Eat those cookies more than deserve them. 

Happy Love Day, friends.


  1. I was THIS close to making it through Valentine's Day without crying. You (and your cookies) are outrageously sweet. So happy to have stumbled upon your recipe. Thanks to your brothers for their service, and for proving that (as I'm new to the military world), support is so easy to find.

    P.S. Your baby makes spit look cute. Can't handle the adorable.

  2. Wow! Little Bear looks so much like his Daddy :)
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! Could Bear get any cuter?! Although it is shocking that he is outside in short sleeves, when here in MN we are all stuck inside in our winter warm clothes. I'm longing for spring and totally jealous... :)

  4. Happy first Valentines to Bear! I'm sure he got plleeennnty of loving! That's so awesome that your cookie recipe made it's way to a soldier! I'm sure he will have them all eaten in one sitting : )

  5. Ohmyheavens!!! So so CUTE! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Zach and Bear! These photos are precious and his outfit - insanely adorable!! The weather looks so pretty in TX. It's so crazy to see Bear in summer-y outfits and know that the babies here are all bundled up. So glad to hear Bear's first V-day was a hit!! So wonderful your recipe was sent to a soldier...what an honor!! I agree with Whitney...they'll be gone in no tine! ;) I hope your day was filled with nothing but happiness and love! Happy Thursday! Xoxox

  6. What a sweet little face. =)

  7. Oh I just love this post!!!! Anything to make a Soldier Happy :) Cookies are a way to their heart and they def. deserve every last one.

  8. I just adore this sweet little outfit on him.


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