Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chillin' at the Crib

 Zach and I have started introducing toys to Bear, even though he's not too interested just yet. Sunday afternoon we went upstairs to his nursery and played around for a bit, then let him spend some time in his crib (second time ever! still sleeps in the nap nanny in our room at night). Our good friend and "fairy godmother", Ann Allen, made all his bedding and did such an amazing job; we are so ready for our Little Man to spend his nights sleeping away in his comfy crib.
But for now, this is as close to sleeping as it's gonna get...
He's standing already! Just kiddin'. Zach's ninja arm is hidden from view. We're sneaky like that.
First time in his Snug! He loves it and is sitting up in it really well.
One quick story...
Sunday afternoon I put Bear on his activity mat while I did a few dishes (he was still in eyesight, don't worry!). When I came back to pick him up, I was so proud that he had rolled onto his side! He hadn't done that before. Then I looked up at the TV and realized what enticed the roll...he was watching the DCC. Like, really watching. When a commercial came on he completely lost interest, rolled onto his back, and fussed. Like father, like son.
Hope you're having a great week!


  1. What guy / boy doesnt love the Dallas Girls :) lol So cute, he's getting so big!!

  2. Those pudgy thighs! I just want to eat him! In the nicest way possible!

    He is so adorable!

    He is so smart, hating commercials already!

  3. Your little Bear has the cutest mad face ever!! I just love it :)

  4. These pictures are all so cute! Hims growing too quick : (. I love the mad face, even that looks precious! I just love him!

  5. Ok that picture of him standing in the crib?! Oh my gosh! Ha cutest thing! Ok Ryan and bear totally have the rolls going! I love it! We seriously need to get them together for a play date! Also, ry just started rolling in his side all the time!

  6. bear's expressions are so sweet!! i lol at the photo of him and zach with his face all scrunched up!! and love the one of him "standing" up like a big boy in his crib! his legs - ADORABLE!! i want to squeeze him! :)
    every day is such a sweet day in your home!! thanks for sharing all your beautiful moments, brittany! <3<3<3

  7. Those baby leg rolls...I love 'em. I enjoy watching the DCC too! I don't blame him.

  8. Both my girls were never big fans of their cribs! All that cute bedding you'd think they'd love it?....and that last picture...seriously one to show him when hes older...thats hilarious!

  9. I think Bear looks like his Papa ;-) he is just too cute!! Seriously those thighs, I can't handle.

    PS>This is the same activity mat I registered for, for the twins. It's so colorful and cute!


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