Saturday, July 21, 2012

Five Things

I've been in the best spirits lately, likely annoying everyone I come into contact with. I just can't help it! Every day something happens, big or small, to remind me of what a gift this life truly is.
A few things making me smile......

Sephora nail files that are totally worth the splurge. They're the best!

botanical prints I picked up at a gallery in Old Town Spring last weekend

Pineapple Cilantro Yankee My friend Elissa gave us a set with this scent as a wedding gift and we've been hooked ever since.

sweet "three pearls in a pod" necklace to symbolize our new family of three :)

Tiny's sheepskin rug...our favorite nursery purchase thus far. The picture doesn't show it's size very well; it's 4x6 and the perfect size to lay right in front of his crib for post-nap play time :)

What's making you happy this week?!


  1. Oh I love the necklace, is that the one you got for your birthday. So pretty!!!

  2. You have such good taste! That sheepskin rug is beautiful, as well as the botanical prints! And I'm assuming the three pearls necklace was your gift from the hubs! He did good! Happy weekend!

  3. i love that necklace - SOO cute! and that rug looks so soft! I'm sure he'll love it!!

  4. You ladies are the sweetest! The "pearls in a pod" necklace actually came from Forever was $3.98! I couldn't resist :). Zach gave me a full strand and pearl earrings...I think he splurged a little more than I did.

  5. Gorgeous necklace! Just love your taste!

    And that rug is adorable, I can't wait to see Tiny's room!

  6. those nail files are fabulous!! i'm so glad you reminded me of how much i love the sephora nail files...i need them for a bachelorette party gift basket! :) and i love old town spring! i wish real life was as happy as old town spring all the time. :)

  7. i was just thinking today, that i need to pick up some new nail files!!
    that pea in the pod necklace is SO stinkin' cute!! and i saw in your comments it was from forever - omygosh, what a deal! was just there twice this weekend!
    tiny is going to adore that rug - i wanna lay on it right now! haha looks so comfy!
    i'm gonna check for that scent next time i'm out - i love yankee candles - they are the best! <3
    thanks for sharing, gf.


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