Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maternity Style: Flowy

dress: H&M (gift from my sweet sis-in-law, Scarlett), necklaces: gift (from Japan!)/F21

My sister-in-law loaded me up with "honeymoon wear" for Italy last year and this dress happens to be one of my favorites. It's perfect for pregnancy...flowy, comfy, and lightweight. Maxi dresses are a growing staple in my wardrobe these days; Tiny loves his freedom to wiggle while Momma loves to be comfortable and fashionable.

I'm also learning that as much as I enjoy accessorizing (it's a bit of an addiction, really), less is more with a bold print like this one. I want Baby to be the main attraction, anyway :).

I loved hearing your opinions on on to maxis! Are you a fan? Where do you buy your favorites?

p.s. 24 weeks in ONE day! It's hard to believe we're already at the 6 month mark. Our 24 week appointment is this afternoon and we're praying all goes well. Z and I are so excited to hear his little heartbeat.


  1. I love maxis! This one is lovely!


  2. oohhh...that dress is gorgeous!! I can't believe you're 6're so tiny!

  3. You look amazing! I love maxi dresses!

  4. That dress is gorgeous! Love maxi dresses: so comfortable and flowy, plus you don't have to shave! I wish I had more!!!

  5. how in the world do you stay so gorgeous during pregnancy!? love maxis! i always need more :) i want to try to make some!

  6. That maxi looks awesome on you! And your baby bump! So cute. I wish I could pull one off, but with my hips, it just doesn't look right. Maybe I haven't found the right one?

  7. Maxis are my favorite summer outfit. I love that it shows off the belly too! You look great.

  8. Your baby bump is getting SO big! I feel like it went from hardly anything to big in like 2 days! Call me soon and let me know how the appointment goes. I bet you are so excited!

  9. sooo pretty, you are really glowing :) great blog! please come check out mine some time!

  10. BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!! I love love Maxi dresses they are my favorite. I seem to find a lot of cute ones at Target!!

  11. Gorgeous dress!! I love the is beautiful on you (and Tiny) ;)
    Happy 24 weeks! I'm excited to hear about your appointment. I'm sure it was wonderful and magical!
    I love that you take so many pictures each week. You are going to have so many photos/memories to look back on. You're my kinda girl!
    Wishing you and Zach a happy and fun weekend!

  12. And P.S. - I am in love with maxi dresses and could wear them all the time. TJMAXX and Marshall's, Target (has great sale on them right now) and thrift shops always have tons.

  13. You are such a pretty Momma! You really need to make a scrapbook of pre Tiny pictures. Just wondering...Do you always look just perfect, hair, makeup clothes? Are you ever just grungy? Love your maxi dress, the colors are so striking on you. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

  14. Hi Brit.

    I found you through Katie's blog (My Full Days) and for the past week or so I have been hooked to your blog. Girl, you have some amazing cookie and dessert recipes. You and hubby must really have a real sweet tooth. I like sweets but just all right. My husband however can eat them all day.

    I have also loved, appreciated and loved seeing every single photo of all your Wedding and Honeymoon posts, as well as your House Decorating posts. You both look incredible and happy. Happy One Year Anniversary, Happy Belated 25th Birthday and most of all Happy Soon-to-Be Parenting!!! I am very excited for you and your husband. It is truly life's greatest joy. Looks like you and I are 10-11 weeks apart as I am now 5 months pregnant also. I love this gorgeous flowy maxi dress, by the way, perfect for a belly bump.

    Since I am newer to blogging and we are both Moms-to-Be, I would appreciate you stopping by my blog and supporting me so please click Follow. It is not as exciting as your blog, but it's my little piece and peace of mind. =) Thanks a lot.

    Hugs <3 Ada.


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