Sunday, July 29, 2012

Five Things

A few things that are making us smile these days.......

buying HUGE watermelons and devouring only the heart

the beginning of a shadowbox for Tiny's nursery with Dad's newborn outfit

sweet cousins visiting from North Carolina

Saturday morning donuts

Abbey Road vinyl that plays quite frequently on our record player (Baby loves it. He does a little jig to Here Comes the Sun)

in Zach's opinion, "the best chocolate chip cookies EVER"....made from Pillsbury refrigerated dough

Oopsie...that was six things. You'll forgive me, won't you? Seems food is taking priority these days...eating for two is fun!

What's bringing happiness your way lately??


  1. I am hope that you will let Tiny wear the outfit first before putting it in a frame???? Great pictures. Have a wonderful week. Hugs

  2. Oh I bought a yummy watermelon today at Sam's it was fabulous!!! We've gotten a lot done this week / weekend which has been great. Hubby's unit graduates Thursday so that means a little break for him. (7 days)
    I love the shadow box, thats to neat!!!

  3. All wonderful things in my book, especially the watermelon! YUM!

  4. i love that shadow box. omygoodness, that little outfit of zach's is too cute. and those red them!
    major yum to that donut and those cookies. i am craving sweets so bad. luckily i ate the last of the dark chocolate hershey kisses yesterday. ;)
    i hope you're having a wonderful week.


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