Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip Home

Last Wednesday I flew home for my sweet friend Tanya's bridal shower (adorably Breakfast at Tiffany's themed). I absolutely love going back to West Texas; it brings back so many wonderful memories of growing up and spending time with friends and family is invaluable. Here are a few snapshots of the weekend; shower pictures coming soon!

flying necessities: pretty scarf, People magazine, Fuze juice, and cell phone
My bff Brittney, aka Beanie, made a special trip through Sweetwater just for a quick visit! Her baby girl Dolly made the trip, too.
lemon poppy seed and blueberry muffins for Tanya's bridal brunch
We were instructed to wear our best little black dress and a big hat to the Audrey-themed shower. It was such fun playing dress up!

Thank you all so much for your incredibly thoughtful birthday wishes; it was the best birthday yet! Maybe soon Z will stop lovingly reminding me that I'm now "a quarter of a century old" :).


  1. seriously, you look incredible!!!

    i love your dress! and Dolly is the cutest.

    those muffins look delish! get in my belly!

    glad to hear that you had a great birthday!!

  2. Those muffins look soo yummy! I bet they were. And what a fun themed shower! I loved your outfit choice.

    P.S.- I am a quarter of a century old too, don't fret it :)

  3. You look amazing!! What a fun idea for a shower. LOVE your dress!

    If it makes you feel better, in less than a month I'll be turning the BIG 3-0! and my hubby is 6 months youger than me so he likes to give me a hard time too. hah

  4. Dolly is just the cutest!!

    Glad you got to catch up with close friends! Us girls need to do that sometimes!


  5. I'm loving both your black dresses they are super cute!!!

  6. sounds like a fun weekend! love your dress too!

  7. what a fun shower! i love to dress up! and i love your flying essentials... mine are the same, plus my nook!

  8. I love the them! And omygosh, you are so cute! That hat is adorable on you! You are always stylin'! Umm, and that scarf looks awesome...love the colors and pattern! Glad you got to see your bff!!

  9. I love the pic of the dog sticking her tongue out too cute!

  10. I love the pic of the dog sticking her tongue out too cute!


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